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    28 days later- 28 weeks later. the da vinci code. angels n demons.
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    The Simpsons- American DAD-
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    Angels N Demons - the Da Vinci Code - The Ufo Experience...
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    Absolution (CD)
    The Resistance
  1. muy muy bien!!!!! y tu q me cuentas.........

  2. hola :D

    como estas?

  3. Haha, Hi there :3 Thanks for the picture comment *I am SO not beauitufl D: * xDD

    How are you? :3

  4. hi.....how r u????

  5. hello...i sent you an invitation through facebook...hope u accept it byeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. feliz cumple!!!!!!!

  7. hola lina!!!!!! q bueno q te guste MUSE.....me gustaria ser tu amigo byeeeeeeee

  8. oh thanks much man

  9. ha ha sorry....I wanted to saY ...but... your group is great!!!!!!!!

  10. 20 DE JULIO DEL 2008...Bogota Colombia Palacio de los Deportes. el mejor concierto de mi vida definitivamente. espero q vuelvan pronto pues almenos este año ya no pero a ver q pasa el proximo.saludos a todos los MUSEros de COLOMBIA y todo el resto de paises q gustan de la buena musica.....
  11. what do you mean bye?

  12. but at least there u can change some electric guitar and play them in acoustic like Plug In baby....and some others...bye and your gruop is great...i like it

  13. I've been playing for a little over a year. Yes some of (if not most or all of) Matts riffs are incredibly hard to play, like the invincible solo :eek:

  14. I really like Unintended and Nature. when Iñm playing the guitar I feel free and I want to learn more and more MUSE'S songs....I play Undisclosed Desires, My plug In Baby, Sunburn, The Resistance and Bliss.
  15. hello everybody...I`m new in this group but I love showbiz a lot because I thing it is soft and full of riffs at the same time....it is the best album 4 me..........
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