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  1. Hope so, too. Was thrilled to get some older material at the Webster Hall Drones promo tour show. Hope they break out some of the back catalog at Summerstage. I certainly wouldn't complain if they played Butterflies & Hurricanes Damn, I loved the Absolution tour....
  2. So excited! Cannot wait til Monday... I was sad that they were only playing festivals and was hoping they'd add a show. Cannot wait! Haven't seen them since the Philly Drones tour gig. Last show I saw at Summerstage (Spoon) people talked the entire night. I will be so annoyed if the crowd does that this time - it's so rude and obnoxious.
  3. Very excited for tonight's show! Radio 104.5 is having its annual Winter Jam concert there today, so the parking lot might be a bit crowded.
  4. I wonder if anyone will periscope it. We're not queuing, will probably be somewhere at the back of the floor near the bar, so I don't expect to get any good video.
  5. If anyone has an extra, please let me know. A friend's husband was shut out and we'd love for him to be able to join us. Thanks
  6. I've made many dozens of purchases through ticketweb - some are easy, others are disasters like yesterday and today. The demand for Brandon Flowers or The Killers pales in comparison to the demand for Muse. No where near the same playing field.
  7. I don't believe I've seen Butterflies & Hurricanes since 2007. Would love to get that again. My first Muse show was at Curiosa Fest on Randall's Island in '04, they played it then and I've seen it just a couple times since.
  8. A friend was just about to close a tab, and she noticed there were two in her cart. Another friend had already purchased one for her, so she was able to finalize the transaction by logging in to my account. Will be there! What a fiasco...
  9. I am beyond pissed right now. That floating code works, but no tix left, and my code is invalid.
  10. My code worked but there was no option to select tix. Other times I got the invalid code message.
  11. I think that the codes aren't working because it's sold out. There were very few tix available and tons of people were trying. It sucks. I'm deeply disappointed, but not at all surprised. There will be many industry folks / VIPs at this show.
  12. I really think the only shot I have at getting in to this will be if SiriusXm runs a contest. But teh demand for that will be ridiculously high, so I guess I'll be sitting home that night, hoping that they broadcast the show on Alt-Nation.
  13. I'm sure there were very very few tix available in this presale. More available tomorrow in the gen onsale, but others without codes will have access to them. I knew this was going to be pretty much impossible.
  14. I've had that happen in the past and cust svc told me if there is not a pulldown for # of tix, that means there are none left. I couldn't even get that far. Server couldn't handle the traffic.
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