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  1. We arrived about 8 and the queue was round the corner so we joined the back of it and when we got to the front they said anyone picking tickets up go in the left door. So we did this but very few others did. The 2 guys with the machine swiped my card and printed my tickets and then I went through the 2nd right hand door and got a wristband. I had standing tickets.
  2. What I don't understand why was there two queues to go into Ulster Hall? We were told to go in the left doors if we had to collect tickets, but surely everyone had to collect tickets but the majority went through the right hand doors? Incidently you could easily have got in without a ticket.
  3. I was there also and no one around me was affected by the comment. Uprising got the crowd going as much as any other song. Maybe you should focus more on enjoying yourself and not worrying about the religious or political makeup of the crowd. You might enjoy life a bit more.
  4. Or walk, it's about a quarter of a mile from the bus station to the Ulster Hall.
  5. I've never known Hall 4 at the SECC to not have seating at the back and sides. Is there likely to be a pit then if the whole room is standing?
  6. Is this album a concept album where Muse do their best to sound like other artists? First Queen for USoE and now Britney Spears for this. I wish Muse would try harder to sound like Muse.
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