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  1. i've had 2 in the last week I had one the other night where i was coming back from a shopping centre with my friends, and then i got off the tram and went to this park. all i could think of was how much i wanted a cigarette. so i sat down at this bench and and Dom was there so i asked him for one. then i think we stated chatting. i seem to have lots of dreams about smoking, even though i don't in real life... and in my other one, i came home from school and mum had brought a muse at Rod Laver Arena ticket for me. so, a couple of days later i went with my friend and we were in the gold lower seating, but we figured out that we could sneak in the GA bit. so we went right up the front but everyone was sitting down with picknic rugs and things. then muse came on, but it was just some sitty imposters that were miming to a video of muse playing in the background.
  2. how much are the tshirts usually?
  3. i showed my teach stockholm syndrome the other day and he liked it, so i suppose that ones good
  4. the riff in recess makes me want to dance like a chicken lost in space. they other night i was doing it on a park bench.....
  5. i had this dream that i had the same shoes as dom. i think that in the same dream Matt met up with tony blaire.. and i think that i had one a few days earlier where i was watching the microwave like it was a tv and matt came on. not very interesting, but then a giant bulldozer came over the back fence:stunned:
  6. theres this guy at my school who i dont think is quite right in the head, but he is the absolute spinning image of a disturbed Matt. come to think of it, i see a lot of matt look a likes. even my dinner the other night looked like him. oh how i love drawing in my mashed potatos...
  7. i had a dream once that Matt and Dom made me a packet of uno cards at my grandparents house. sadly, thats the only muse dream i've had
  8. There's that Supermassive Rainbow i was like when i saw it my 2 favourite bands in one http://www.78s.ch/2007/08/19/kitsumashed/
  9. Killers would be good if they didn't play anything from sam's town hot fuss ftw
  10. i'm taking the morning off school tomorrow to get tickets:D how much are the tickets, by the way?
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