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  1. I likes the OoS artwork best. I also really like the pictures on the booklet as well, particularly the one on the first page.

    Then it probs goes:

    2. HAARP

    3. Absolution

    4. BHAR

    5. Hullaboloo. The pictures in the booklet are pretty :LOL: though

    6. Showbiz. That cover is just :vomit:


    And if we're including singles, I've always had a soft spot for the Cave CDs

  2. So there's still no clear answer as to how many octaves he can sing in.


    Heard somewhere that men's voices change and can lose their higher and gradually go deeper- anyone know if that's true?


    Any evidence of this with Matt so far over the years? Would be a hell of a loss if he couldn't do the high notes as well in the future.


    I heard somewhere that their voices get higher as they get older...

  3. I like most things about Matt but mostly his dark hair, blue eyes, cheekbones, body and thanks to this thread, his hands :LOL:

    I like Dom's mouth, nose, teeth and facial expressions. They're adorable :happy:

    Chris I think is abit underrated. In all of those pictures back from when Matt had long hair and Dom had ugly woolen sweaters, Chris was way better looking than them

  4. I wish I could say something like "I found a lost CD in my mum's bedroom and stuck it on my old CD player. I was transformed to another world".


    That's actually how I heard them first :happy:, except the cd was in the living room. I was searching for new stuff to listen to in 2005 and Bliss was on this old compilation CD. It was really different to all of the music around at the time. It was so good that I was so preoccupied with it that I actually lost my appetite for a while (and I mean that in the best way possible :LOL: ). I then went through all mum and dad's old CDs to find a few more songs, but it wasn't for another couple years until I heard SMBH that I decided to check them out more extensively.

  5. domlookalikes.jpg

    i always thought that that picture looked a lot like sandra bullock.... :LOL:

    and i tryed the picture of matt with the pink wig but nothing came up


    i find so many Dom and Matt look a likes

    there is a guy at my school that looks like dom as a 16 year old with braces. he's dumb as a rock though...

    theres a man that comes into my work every saturday who looks like he could be matt's dad or uncle or something

    and i was watching dr who the other day and one of the characters looked a lot like him


  6. i had a dream last night that is sort of to do with muse


    i was in the music room at my school playing sunburn and new born on the piano and then my music teacher came in and started screaming at me because it was a nice sounding piano and i was ruining it with my awful playing....

  7. SMBH and micro cuts sound like hot pink and glitter

    starlight sounds like dom's trousers

    Forced in - dark green/earthy colours

    muscle museum - white and dark blue

    and i get these wierd images in head for spiral statistic and hate this and i'll love you

    they're like these purple, surreal, desolate landscapes with lots of lightning in the sky

    i like to draw them :)

  8. i had one a couple of nights ago. i was in the city and i saw a TopShop (there arent any in Melbourne) so thought that i'd go check it out. all of the clothes were really awful, and there was a Muse tshirt, which looked like something that was either from supre or something that a prostitute would wear. i think that there was also a Does It Offend You, Yeah? tshirt as well. but anyway, i took a picture of it on my phone. then the dream changed into my brother starring on Scrubs, but there was no more muse :(

  9. in hoodoo i hear "try put a whale on" instead of "tied to a rail-road.

    and when he sings "your soul cant hate anything" i used to think it was "you're so *insert big long smart sounding word that i don't know existed*":stunned:


    if i ever cant figure out the words i just sing the word soul lots because its got a good chance of being the actual lyric. Matt sure does like that word :happy:

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