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  1. Happy birthday Hales! x

  2. happy birthday!! :D:party:

  3. i love u Muser

  4. I think it would be cool if they won something. Though I think they deserve it for their past albums. Anyway, I'm sure Warner has submitted something, but it's all up to the grammy voters.
  5. The guy who was standing next to me at the barrier at the Atlanta gig said, "MATT I WANT TO PARTY WITH YOU! I SHAVED FOR YOU!" Some guy also said he shaved for Matt back in October when they were opening for U2. I wonder if it was him....
  6. Hey totally randomly - your signature is gorgeous.

  7. Hi there! I was reading through the open letters to Santa thread and I noticed your name is Haley.

    My name is also Haley, but I try to go by Harley.

    It's lovely finding another Haley :D

  8. Oh, good luck with that! My German is still very bad btw :LOL: I put no effort into it but I would really like to learn French someday :happy:

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