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  1. A friend of mine doesn't think Muse could disappear furthe into their arses if they tried. With a tracklisting like that, I can now see why he says that:p
  2. I sense trouble on the horizon! What's black and white and dead all over?...()
  3. Arsed paying £3,000 then (not that I ever considered getting one, was just noseying around). If I had that sort of money for a guitar I wouldn't get Matt Bellamy's guitar. Fair enough, you could say Strats, etc. have certain signature players but you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for it most of the time. I'd definitely be getting something custom built for that cash.
  4. Well, I've got a BK Warpig and a SD Phat Cat, but I like a bassy sound so I should possibly get a 250k or 500k instead. Running it through a Marshall JCM900 and looking for a sound similar to Kyuss and Soundgarden, but also a brighter sound like Blur (Probably a bit harder to get with those pups).
  5. I've got a 1M log pot for my guitar project. What difference shoudl that make to the overall sound of the guitar?
  6. Best quote I ever heard. "Bloc Party can't be indie, they're lead singer is black"
  7. I think he meant he hadn't thought about UG til someone said really and hasn't viewed the boards there to see what they're like.
  8. Hey Anthony, Have you still got the wood you bought for my guitar or have you used that on another project? I'll definitely be doing it this Summer. I was all set to go ahead and then I passed my driving test and my insurance tripled. Sorry about all the delays. I am a bastard.
  9. Typical Mac User I like Macs, I don't use one, but I guess Scott doesn't do that.
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