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  1. So I shouldn't be asking about the quality of a product, in this case a very cheap guitars that are prone to be shite, online then? Squier Telecasters are hardly my (or anyones) dream guitars. I intended to use it only as a back up in case of my american telecaster would break a string on stage and use it for only as long as it takes my tech to change the string. Sorry for wasting your time Cheddar, carry on.
  2. Hey lads. I am looking at suitable backups for my telecaster. I had set my sights on the Classic vibe Squier (change out the pups and the tuners) but so far I havent found a copy I like. As I was wandering around one of the local guitarstores around I found a Schecter tele. Now, I was expecting it to have a reverse headstock and an active emg in it but no, it looked and sounded quite decent (albeit more expensive than the Squier). Does anyone have any experience of these telecaster look-a-likes, be it Schacter or Vintage or whatever. Ta !
  3. hej .. jeg er helt ikke en dansker men jeg skal rejse der 17 maj .. Jeg kommer fra Island kan du anbefale nogle klubber eller kroer i downtown-köbenhavn?
  4. and that's what happens when you take to many drugs at the same time, kids
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