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  1. Richard, to resume our earlier conversation: Junior mints not refreshing at all. It's more like eating peppermint chocolate. Delicious nonetheless. Jujyfruits somewhat disappointing, just really hard chewy fruit gums, and most of the flavours taste pretty bad. And I'm glad your thesis is going well. I'm fairly sure you're going to a great job.
  2. Do it outside of work space/hours? Cricket fans, am I the only one who is baffled by James Franklin even being in consideration for the WC squad, let alone a cert for the first team?
  3. I don't think it was any different to doing it as BSC, at least not until post grad. Then I think there was a slight difference in what compulsory courses you had, though I'm not really sure as I didn't go that far.
  4. [spoiler= cricket talk] Fleming Astle Taylor Styris McMillan Cairns Oram McCullum Vettori Mills Bond It's not necessary to have that much depth in the batting but Oram and Cairns are both far better options than Stuffey, Adams, Franklin etc. And sorry Angus, but Lou Vincent really was a very shit player.
  5. Why don't they get someone who is qualified to give him one now!? It's not like he's just some random guy who is off the radar once he drives away, I'm sure they could track him down and fine him now.
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