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  1. I've always liked Invincible. It was one of my favorite songs when I got Black Holes and Revelations, and I still like it now. Is it one of Muse's best songs? No. Is it a good son? Yeah.
  2. Microcuts. Matt's voice is so amazing on it, there's just tons of emotion pouring out of it.
  3. still, anything in the 5's is amazing. Freddie rarely did hit those live, but he did do it, but Roger Taylor did lots of high falsetto stuff a lot of the time in Queen's tours, especially with songs like in the Lap of the Gods, where people claimed that studio manipulation was used, so he sang the high parts live to prove them wrong.
  4. my god...A6? G6?...those are really amazing notes for a male singer to be able to hit! I knew from Microcuts Matt could do some very high stuff, but I always assumed the notes were in the 4's or 5's. Thats really impressive, since Roger Taylor of Queen hits a Bb5 at the end of the operatic section of Bohemian Rhapsody, and thats considered to be one of the highest notes reached by a male in popular music. Freddie Mercury I know could get somewhere around B5 as well, if he strained. Then I know Rob Halford from Judas Priest can do some stuff similar to Roger Taylor as well. Jeff Buckley could do some very high stuff also, but it appears that Matt has all of these amazing singers beat in the high note department!
  5. yeah, I think that either A sharp or B is the highest note in each octave on the piano. Not exactly sure though...
  6. Exactly what are his highest and lowest notes? I did a search of the boards here and didn't find anything, and this one place on the web I found says his highest note is an A, which is no help, since there was no mention of what octave this A is in (although its safe to say its rather high up), or how many octaves his range covers. So does anyone know?
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