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  1. Emily

    Donagh! I got your text but I can't text back to Ireland anymore! ( I don't think ) So here I am logging into this thing after god knows how long just so you know I am not ignoring you!

    I have added you on facebook so we can chat sometime on there if you ever go on! can't face cutting you out after all our lovely chats and all the help you gave me over the time hahaha :) been too long.

    Emily xx

  2. wtqb tewqeq hi chloe, how were your results?

  3. you touched him.

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS. did you bury your face into his scent.

  4. how could you chloe.. how could you :supersad:

    ITS OKAY, i forgive you already.

  5. :p


    me too. come round to mine.

  6. oi, don't you be mean :LOL:

    i'm okay. i'm fed up D=

    you m'dear?

  7. he did?

    thats... nice. :LOL:

  8. :eek: i bet you are! :LOL: better than getting in trouble for it though i suppose

    what exam have you got?


    yeap GCSE's - i'm panicking a little bit now! everythings going really fast.

    i really need some motivation or i'm heading for failure :LOL:


  9. revisiony :supersad: but good!

    and now its just obvious im not doing it because im on here. again. oh dear.


    hows things? xx ^^

  10. I know i just lost interest but i am feeling majorly bored now

    so i thought id see how you were =D


    you won't fail.

    so, i suppose i might go now for a while unless i become bored to this extent again.

    or i might just come on to send people random messages aha XD


    cheers for the birthday thing btw :D

  11. thanks for the birthday thing,

    like a month ago XD

    cheers x

  12. i suck your dick. :)


  13. no, it's to protect my privicy :p

    and i feel like it, so nerrrr

  14. I KNOW :D

    yeah, im keeping to personal school friends and special people and the like though.

  15. ..... why? :LOL:

    what does it matter to you :p

  16. yes.

    what the hell, why are you so shocked? :LOL:

  17. i do have a facebook :p

  18. ...... i do.....


    what the hell ? XD

  19. fine

    i'll wish you a merry christmas nearer the time :p

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