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  1. Obviously the song they release won't be too rocky, they've released the most radio-friendly song on the album. There will be some heavy stuff on there, for sure.
  2. My apologies, didn't mean to offend anybody
  3. Who else would like to here Chris take lead vocals in the new album in a song or two? Dunno why but I think it would be pretty cool, maybe because in live performances Matt could concentrate more on guitar and come up with a more complicated piece or just because I just wana hear chris singing.... who knows
  4. if you were in my house now, I'd ask you to get out!
  5. Tell me about it, took me some rate practice but managed to complete it in expert for the 1st time today, 89% cant feel my arms or right leg anymore though, but sooo worth it!!
  6. Just wondering, what song the gamers amongst us would like to see in the Rockband/Guitar Hero series? I think TIRO would be a good un, that and Plug in Baby!! Thoughts?
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