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  1. Happy birthday! We share a birthday :)

  2. A german Matteh imo he looks so much like matt, it's unbelievable a friend of mine met him at a concert but he hates Muse cause everybody just sais "awwwww you look like Matt from Muse" my friend got a pic where he looks even much more like matt, she gotta send me that so i can upload it. it's amazing /edit got the pic:
  3. :LOL::LOL: well, in micro cuts i just understand 'uhuhuhu hahahda dudud dahadahduh uhaduhdaudh' ... teh only thing i understand is 'megaphones screaming' and the 'i've seen' is for me like 'wai ai siiiiii' ...
  4. Well... I'm very depressed atm... Erm I'm listening to Blackout an have just listened to Falling away With You, Falling Down and Sunburn (imo the piano bit is very sad ) ..more?
  5. hell, thats fooking amazing... it looks perfectly like matt..... wow:eek:
  6. The piano (the beginning !!!) of Sunburn.. just awwwweeesome can't help myself but i love the starlight drums (bam bambam bam bambambam).. the intro of showbiz and the end beginning of SMBH *awwesome* megalomia 'paradise comes to a priihiice' the voice *loves* citizen erased riff live *omg* beginning of MotP (always reminds me of the concert ) aww there are sooo many parts i love...
  7. AMAZING! hell, that should be printed .. when it's finished
  8. That's it. I don't know why, but i like Invincible. Maybe I like cheesy music . I recognize the arguments against Invincible, but when I like a song, I like it. Then the best arguments against this song won't change my opinion I guess here are many people who actually like Invincible, but then see most of the fans don't like it and then change their opinion. I don't know but I can imagine.
  9. yeah i know there are muse fans in germany but i don't know (i mean in "real life" ) any
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