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  1. This. They need to start giving out deodorant to certain people. Yuck! Apart from that, I had a really good time I have to say! Had a few idiots jumping on me, they weren't as enthusiastic when I jumped all over them back! Anyways, didn't get to meet with anyone or even see anyone which was crap, but there is always next time I suppose Oh thanks for the vids, they are deadly!
  2. Where are you coming from? If you want to pm me I can probably help? Ok so people coming from the city centre: there is a bus stop right in the middle of O Connell bridge. Get on the number 7 bus and ask the driver to let you off at Tesco in Ballybrack. Cross the road and walk down through the houses right to the end and you will be at the pitch.
  3. Ha! The football with Chris is planned for the pitch just down the road from me! I might head down if it's not too cold.
  4. bekbee

    Oxegen 2010

    I usually just record them on Sky and then leave them cluttering up my planner for ages before I put them on dvd I could probably upload them from dvd if I were a bit better organised I suppose, but the chances of that happening are like zero! Some bright spark will have it up on ML in a blink of an eye anyway!
  5. bekbee

    Oxegen 2010

    Ah right! I think I have it on Sky. Well if it's just called Q, then yeah I do. I have Sky + but I would have no clue how to get it from my sky box onto the interwebs Edit: Just set it to record the one on the 5th, the planner doesn't go further than that
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