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    Coheed and Cambria
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    Absolution Tour DVD,
    Black Holes and Revelations,
    H.A.A.R.P. CD/DVD,
    Hullabaloo Soundtrack,
    Live: Earls Court,
    Live: Reading Festival 2006,
    Microcuts on Stage,
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    Origin of Symmetry,
    Random 1-8,
    Single: Bliss,
    Single: Butterflies and Hurricanes,
    Single: Dead Star/In Your World,
    Single: Invincible,
    Single: Knights Of Cydonia,
    Single: Map Of The Problematique,
    Single: New Born,
    Single: Plug In Baby,
    Single: Starlight,
    Single: Supermassive Black Hole.

    Plus a load of bootlegs.
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    11th November 2006 - Cardiff International Arena
    16th June 2007 - Wembley Stadium
    4th September 2009 - Teignmouth
    13th November 2009 - O2 Arena (Standing), London
    11th September 2010 - Wembley Stadium

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  1. It's difficult. I love Unnatural Selection because of the palm muting in the chorus, it sounds so good, but I love New Born as well. Fuck it, I like them both.
  2. hey I know u wrote on my wall in April, but I didnt notice it till now...lol

    well I am going to Exeter to study Clinical Science,

    were did u get into in the end??

  3. The bassline is actually really good, I was listening to it on my iPod and hadn't realised through speakers how good it sounds. Listen to it in bed in the dark with your eyes closed, quite loud. Collateral damage sounds absolutely awesome like that.
  4. I am really starting to warm to it, in fact I really like it now, but I feel it's missing some guitar... maybe in the asian riff bit... but I reckon live there will be a guitar solo there... Can't wait for September for the album and November for the tour!
  5. Bennnn!!!

    It's been aaaaaaaaages since I came on here, but thought I'd drop you a comment for old times sake :)

    Its not the same in chat without you!

    Hope you're okies :)

    Love xxxxx

  6. [off topic] I'm from near Coate Water and I go to New College, well, just finished second year. What about you man? [/off topic]
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