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    Je parle français
    Hablo español
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    Swindon, England
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    Coheed and Cambria
    Mayday Parade
    Taking Back Sunday
    Mad Caddies
    Arctic Monkeys
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    Absolution Tour DVD,
    Black Holes and Revelations,
    H.A.A.R.P. CD/DVD,
    Hullabaloo Soundtrack,
    Live: Earls Court,
    Live: Reading Festival 2006,
    Microcuts on Stage,
    Muscle Museum EP,
    Muscle Museum US Mix,
    Origin of Symmetry,
    Random 1-8,
    Single: Bliss,
    Single: Butterflies and Hurricanes,
    Single: Dead Star/In Your World,
    Single: Invincible,
    Single: Knights Of Cydonia,
    Single: Map Of The Problematique,
    Single: New Born,
    Single: Plug In Baby,
    Single: Starlight,
    Single: Supermassive Black Hole.

    Plus a load of bootlegs.
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    11th November 2006 - Cardiff International Arena
    16th June 2007 - Wembley Stadium
    4th September 2009 - Teignmouth
    13th November 2009 - O2 Arena (Standing), London
    11th September 2010 - Wembley Stadium

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  1. hey I know u wrote on my wall in April, but I didnt notice it till now...lol

    well I am going to Exeter to study Clinical Science,

    were did u get into in the end??

  2. Bennnn!!!

    It's been aaaaaaaaages since I came on here, but thought I'd drop you a comment for old times sake :)

    Its not the same in chat without you!

    Hope you're okies :)

    Love xxxxx

  3. Hey :) I thought I'd comment here because it might have gotten lost in the tour news thread.

    I am hoping to go to Southampton Uni to study French and Spanish :D


    What about you? I saw Exeter, what course?

  4. Feliz cumpleaños Veroooooo :)

    Que te disfrutes y que te emborraches :p


  5. ahh que bien :)

    yeah your english is very good! although it should be "we can help each other, can't we" ;)

    You're sick of summer?! :p I suppose in England summer is nowhere near as hot as Chile - I'm sick of winter here... otherwise I'm good! Just looking forward to summer and the end of my exams, and my 18th birthday :D


    cuantos años has estudiando inglés?

    quiero visitar america del sur en possiblemente 2011 porqué voy a la universidad este año para estudiar francés y español, entonces tendré que visitar un país dónde se habla francés o español (y la francía me aburro!) ... pienso que podré visitar a Mexico y algunos países latinoamericanos! :D


    como estamos en una pagina web sobre Muse... los has visto?


  6. Oh, don't worry about it :) I'm fine... just a little bit sick of the summer (the weather is really hot), and you?

    Well, I read in some thread that you wanted to practise your spanish; and I wanna practise my english as well (sorry if something is grammatically incorrect, I'm learning english). So, we can help each other, don't we? Cheers from Chile! :D

  7. hola :)

    sorry, i haven't been on this site in a while...

    how are you?


  8. it was right, you use accents (´) and I don't xD

    and what do you think is the most difficult thing about learning spanish???

  9. Desde el año pasado! Sólo un año, pero me encantan las lenguas y trabajo mucho cuando estoy las aprendiendo!


    I hope that was right!

  10. hahaha :)

    and how much time have you been learning spanish???

  11. Si, entendí unos frases... jaja!


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