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  1. Hi,


    I saw the post about the tickets for the 26th. I am looking for one ticket, if you still have these would you be willing to sell one to me?




  2. They were delayed for some reason as well, they arrived on stage late, and had to get out really quick because Rihanna(...) is playing the venue today. Definately not an excuse for the bad set though. I think the crowd was satisfied, because the Norwegian Musers don't exist. It was a really funny gig, and I'm glad I was there, but the fact that they gave us 3 songs less than everyone else is just shit. And when we didn't get Dead Star, Sunburn, MoP, Bliss, B&H or any other "special" song I was dissapointed - I honestly think they owe Oslo that much.. (We deserved Fury 😆 )
  3. I planned to stand at the barrier by the catwalk stage, and that turned out to be a brilliant plan. Got a good handshake from both Dom and Matt, and I was unbelievably close to them when they were out there. And even though we didn't get any "special" songs, I was satisfied with the setlist, and it was one of the best Muse gigs I've been to. And...... DID WE ACTUALLY GET A NEW JAM?? Oslo-jam? The one where Matt sang something over the riffs. I've never heard it before or seen it on youtube.
  4. A quite cool video of the pyro! http://www.bt.no/bergenpuls/Muse-kalsk-gigantomani-2934193.html#.Ue0-cWR5xwS
  5. So, what do you think about Datarock as the warm up act? I'm quite disappointed.. They've had so many amazing bands with them at this tour, and we get Datarock. Unfair!
  6. This is the only news article about it, that I have found so far. http://www.musikknyheter.no/news/11408 I've always hated Telenor Arena as well, but word on the street says the sound has been a lot better at the latest gigs there, and that gig with The Killers there a few months ago was amazing. The positive thing can be that we'll get a special show, because it will be the only indoor show on this tour. Even though we probably don't get all the crazy pyro. But I'm curious about why they've done this.. Because the ticket sale has been pretty bad, as far as I know, and they've been advertising it like crazy. And Telenor Arena has about 15 000 higher capacity than Ullevål.
  7. When they've played Oslo Spektrum a few times before they've stayed at Hotel Plaza, because it's a direct entrance from the hotel to the venue, so they never had to go outside.. Haha. There and Grand Hotel are the most usual places for celebrities to stay in Oslo, but there is a new hotel now called The Thief, where Justin Bieber, Bruce Springsteen ++ have stayed recently. So they might stay there as well. Yup, been an exchange student for a semester at Herts Uni! The venue is kind of at the "expensive side of town", so I would suggest to choose a central hotel and rather just take the metro to the venue.
  8. Sounds good, we need some extra real Musers in Oslo, as the Norwegian fans are not always that convincing! They haven't announced any support acts for any of the gigs in Norway yet, I'm really curious.. I want Biffy!! But that's probably not gonna happen. (Btw, I've lived in Hatfield for a semester now, just got back to Oslo yesterday - random.)
  9. I love the proshot of Starlight, but it's so sad to hear the beautiful guitar when he's not playing.. Btw, I have a memory of a special guitar solo, but can't remember what song.. Do any of you remember that? (It might be just me mixing it with Emirates.)
  10. From 1:40 there is some slow motion filming of the crowd, if anyone wants to see themselves at the barrier!
  11. Think I have to disappoint you there.. I saw the setlist that one of the guys in the sound booth had, and TIRO was properly written on as an encore. But it felt like a "real" one though, because none expected it!
  12. I can't get in touch with the person(or the backup) for my spare. I'm heading into London now, will probably be around Leicester Square, if you want it, call me at 07580026930.
  13. Don't you think they might let people in that don't have the right ID when they realize the area is not gonna reach the capacity limit at all? Because there are sooo many tickets that's not gonna be used, and that is sold/given away. I have my ticket, and bringing my passport to be safe with the ID, but.. I have a feeling they don't want to be a few thousand people under capacity limit?
  14. Hello there,

    I would like to get your spare ticket for tomorrow night!

    Let me know if the ticket is still available at aureliezaltzfus@gmail.com please

    My friends and I will be there at about 4 so you could join us in the queue at the same time

    Take care x

  15. Hi! I'm desperately looking for a green Muse t-shirt. I bought it at a gig 5-6 years ago, and I managed to loose it somehow. It's my favorite shirt of all times, and if anyone has it in men S/M/L or girls M/L I'll pay some good money for it, even if it's well used. Sounds insane, but I'm so desperate to get that shirt again. It says "Destroy Demonocracy". This is the one: http://bbsimg.ngfiles.com/1/16452000...066dfd7fa5.jpg
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