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  1. Haven't got the foggiest....... However, I would like Hysteria, SS, Falling Down, Liquid State, Bliss would be cool but it'll be PiB (but I can handle that!!!)
  2. Block 16...... So opposite you!!! I shall give you a wave:musesign: Flippin'eck I'm excited.... This time tomorrow, I shall be bouncing off the walls!!!!!!!
  3. Flippin'eck...... I am getting ridiculously excited now just ordered a t-shirt, get fed up of queuing up for one, only to find that my size is sold out 13 MORE SLEEPS!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  4. I still haven't received my seated tickets...... Did it via the pre sale on Gigs and Tours, I have checked and only 52% have been despatched - fed up is putting it mildly!!!!!! Apparantly it's something to do with combating fraud!! Hopefully soon...........
  5. Ok, normally I'm chilled about such things........ But WHERE ARE MY TICKETS???????!!!!!! Ordered presale with the official place (Gigs & Tours) and checked the status of my order and nothing yet!!! Am I the only one????? Please post if you HAVEN'T had your tickets, I'm getting a tad paranoid!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hmmmmmm, want so desperately to love it....... But a bit meh at the moment to be honest, reminds me too much of stuff from "The Resistance". I'm gonna let them off with this one as they have to please the masses (ie my Mum & Dad, Granny, etc) - BUT.... I'm praying the rest of the album delivers.......I know they won't let me down!!!!!
  7. Just booked Ramada Encore!!! Do any of you locals/LEG regulars know if this is within stumbling distance of the arena??? Planning a couple of beers after!!!
  8. I'm on tenderhooks!!! Seems we'll find out tomorrow...... I won't sleep tonight!! I reckon this one is going to sell out in minutes - I've told hubby he can't go to work till he GETS MY TICKETS!!!! Woe to him if he doesn't deliver!!!!
  9. Had a fab time last night. Some of the spectators around me could have done with lightning up a bit though!! Lot of really young girls and they seemed quite bored - I was getting filthy looks when I was standing/dancing.... But tough-if I want to stand/dance to the greatest band on earth, I bleedin well will....HA!!!!!! Had a great view of the moshers - absolutely hilarious, if I was on the pitch I would have joined them (even if I am 37!!). Loved that they played Citizen Erased and Ruled by secrecy - was disappointed they didn't do Butterflies, but I'll live with it!!!!
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