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  1. Hi fellow Musers!


    I'm attending tomorrow night at the Manchester Arena and wanted to know what everyones' experiences of queuing were like for standing?


    Did anyone go down early to their UK gig? And what were the queues like at time of arrival? I want to get as close to the front as possible!




    Went to Brum last week, got there at 5pm and still got centre circle barrier, it was sunny and pretty warm too. Not worth getting there at silly o'clock imo!!:)

  2. Have you seen long sleeve? I fancy a new one. I have far too many muse t-shirts as it is, but only one long sleeve.

    I only saw a ladies one, although I'm sure there was a men's one too...... The ladies one was a new one but only had Muse written across it and nothing on the back, so I'm guessing if there was a mans it was similar!:)

  3. Tall with a fringe? Do you have red hair?

    No! Short, bobbed hair, glasses. We weren't quite centre, a bit off to the right (in the circle). There was a lady, about 1 from the barrier more to the left of us...... I remember thinking lovely hair!! Quite long?? We were on the right side of the stage as you came in through the doors (the side with the stairs). :)

  4. Hi guys


    Myself and my partner are coming tomorrow. Really looking forward to it


    Just one question, what sort of time is best to get there to queue up? We are in the standing area and id like to be at the front :)




    Tez x :D


    Hi!! Went to yesterday's gig, started queuing at 4.45pm and got centre circle barrier.......easy as that!! Felt sorry for anyone who'd been queuing all day, there really isn't any need to!! Good luck tonight!!;):D

  5. Just finished using the pressure washer on my boots, that was the most mud EVER!!:D

    Yesterday in one word. Incredible!!! Loved it, worth every single penny imo!

    We were about 5 rows back on Matt's side and had a blast!! Brilliant setlist, first half took my breath away....just got better and better! Tbh I'm glad it "slowed down" a bit after that.... This 42 year old body couldn't take much more jumping up and down!! Chuffed we got "The Handler" debut, brilliant song!

    I think the 3 of them were on top form last night and all I can say is BRING ON THE TOUR!!!!


    Footnote: favourite "other" bit of the day..... Mike Patton grabbing the headphones from the security guy and shouting "terrorist alert, everybody vacate"!! Brave, but what a knob!!:LOL:

  6. I've got a day ticket to download... not overly fussed about the other bands so was planning to get there around late afternoon time. Does anyone know if there's a last ticket admission time?


    We aren't getting there till probably 4/5pm.... Hubby went a couple of years ago and apparently you can just go in whenever you want but can't be re admitted, so beware......once you're in that's it!!!! The only other band I want to see is FNM, really not fussed with the rest tbh. I'm well prepared for the weather, army fatigue poncho (niiiice!!) also bought a cheap pair of jeggings which will be chucked at the end of the night and an old pair of boots!! If you're prepared for the rain it won't be a problem!!! Getting sooooooo excited now!!! :D:D:D:D

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