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  1. Just got mine, you need to go here http://click.e.wbr.com/?qs=3adc884fa7e0ca052f66c81d5c77d7da4a961359ec788798d377ac5de8c8c444dd0fd309c015fe728c42eb1a8f205b6c6ce41562b937c4c9


    (The link in the fan club email, then click fan club mailing lit pre sale)


    I was trying the password they sent me for ages and it said it was working and unlocked tickets for sale but they stayed locked. I just tried SIMULATION as the code instead and it actually unlocked them for sale.


    How hard is it to set this stupid sale up ticketmaster?


    Thank you, looks like I never received another email with the link 🙄 anyway tickets purchased.

  2. I think we should give it a few shows to see where this is going, this was the first one and they may have wanted to get through it without any hiccups, so just stuck to what they know even if they have been rehearsing for the last few weeks.


    If there is still a lack of rotation of songs in a few weeks then I think the band have forgotten how to play 'live' as a band and are just looking to provide a show like performance rather than a gig.

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