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  1. I just told you on msn :p

  2. Ghosts of Girlfriends past:facepalm: me falling over trying to sit down was funnier than anything in that film. Plus I hate Matthew McConahey, I dont care how he spells it cos I dont like him.

  3. Hi, I ended up going to local cinema to see the worst film ever starring the worst actor ever, never letting my mum and sister pick a movie again:facepalm:

  4. Well we can't all like the same things, was about to change it to lorelai anyways :p

  5. meaning really that you've gone off radiohead :p

  6. but thats your av, your mark your tattoo if you like.

  7. you've changed your av :eek:

  8. I know you phud me:phu:

  9. ooh might look for that one, I was listening to alt lastnight, quite liked it. I'm bored. Howve you been? not seen you online for a few days.

  10. Rawr :p


    hi, I just downloaded the IAMX album Alternative or something anyway if you're online later give me a nuge I'd wink but it'd be considered as pervy.


    I just hope it doesnt turn out to be mp4 or worse mp4a, if it is I'll send it you if you don't have it.

  11. You're not online... gay :(

  12. Lynzi

    yeah not spoken to you for a while I'm not too good right now, ive been told I may have gout. Its very painful and I can't walk and I keep being sick. How are you?

  13. Happy Birthday! how did things go at parents evenin by the way?

  14. Lynzi

    I know it's like the media misconseives and twists things, when in reality it's the media who are worse than teenagers.

  15. Lynzi

    all these people keep going on about teens being knocked up and that, well if they had somewhere to hang out then half of them wouldnt be probably. England is so fucked up:noey:

  16. Lynzi

    yeah, theres no youth club or anything round here for them to go to so they just roam about on the estate causing trouble, mind you I can't really say owt cos I was just the same.

  17. Lynzi

    oh gooood:happy:


    the kids on the estate have been kicking the ball against the wall to annoy toby and he keeps barking, I'll be glad when they go back, not looking faward to the summer:noey:

  18. Lynzi

    haha cool, how longs half term?:unsure:

  19. Lynzi

    haha yup, did you have a good day?

  20. Lynzi

    same, ive been my grandmas all day drinking tea and eating fondant fancies, listening to her rpt the same story every 10 minutes. but fondants were yum :D

  21. Lynzi

    nawwh:happy: <3 and hows miss Rowena today?:kiss:


    ok that looks gay:$

  22. Lynzi

    check your boat.


    forgot how to spell check then, had to check with google if I'd spelt it correctly:chuckle:

  23. I'm ok, i've just been playing with my dog lol, he was crying cos he got a yogurt pot stuck under the couch when I got it out he snubbed it and went to play wih his girlfriend teddy:rolleyes: tyical boy.

  24. RequiemForADream412 posted it on myspaz I had to nick it for you, how are you? everyones seemed to have gone bed :(

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