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  1. LiT

    Yeahh, it's good, in fact I'm seeing them live this Thursday!

  2. LiT

    Yeah, and it has a pretty good solo as well!

  3. LiT

    No probs:)

  4. LiT

    Check newalbumreleases.net

  5. LiT

    Holy shit! The bonus track on the new Monkey3 album (The Ship) is one of the best riffages I've heard this year. Around 1:13 is just woow

  6. Glad to see someone else who's as open minded as me!:D

  7. Oh okay then:)

  8. Explain to me what I did this time...

  9. You are still an asshole.:D And this time you didn't even have a solid reason.

  10. That was totally uncalled for. Wanker.

  11. I already forgot the area where he lives. It's a huge flat, the tallest one near the beach. U might know it. There's only one in that area and it's not a modern one.

  12. Holy F***! Small world! I visited Edinburgh a few months ago. We went to the Liquid Room :D Awesome city you live in!!

  13. Hello!! Nice to meet you. Where do you live in Scotland? One of my best friends live in Edinburgh:p

  14. Hey!:D You know what's funny? I was about to write to you making peace:)

    No worries, I was so angry with Muse you know... Little bit overreacted. But now we get this Madness. I hope the second part of the song saves it.


    So cheers for writing:D

  15. Hey, I'm great cheers. You?:D Yeah Foals is like my second favourite band! They're absolutely original, catchy, addictive and fun band and awesome live:) So yeah:D Foals is perfect!

    Do you have last.fm?

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