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  1. Recs?


    Perturbator, Dance With The Dead, Lazerhawk, Lost Years, Dynatron, GosT, Waveshaper, Sung, Daniel Deluxe, Makeup and Vanity Set, Wice, Carpenter Brut, Lueur Verte, etc.


    Or just check New Retrowave Youtube channel.

  2. I love that Muse finally used the Tron Legacy OST for inspiration. I love that soundtrack, and Muse fit the sound perfectly.


    Why do you suggest it was Tron that inspired them? They might have gotten into Synthwave/New Retrowave.

  3. IOh, and it also sometimes just sounds like Muse found the Perturbator button in the studio and they're just sort of playing with it. Overall it works though.


    Fuck yes! Love it! Perturbator is one of the best electronic artists recently.

  4. Can't believe how good Algorithym (both versions), The Void, Blockades and Propaganda are. Muse were in seriously good form when they wrote these.


    Never expected them to write a Synthwave song. Now we have even 3. Moreover The Void has classical piano outro. Seriously cool.

  5. marauder is like if the styles of dig down and something human and madness were interpolized and then repeated in an oddly, poorly mixed vat of soup and ignored all the totbl or as muse fans complain about longing for oos/abso/black holes style of songs and focused on some type of alternate universe style of interpol that is like a bunch of unfinished olta b-sides. the lyrics are stronger than el pintor but the compositions seem like they trail off in an unfocused, haphazard manner. i understand that they were going for some raw, less tinkered and finished product but i don’t think the album does the songs any justice. paul’s lyrics are hard enough to navigate and when they are mixed so muddily i don’t even care to listen to marauder. i went to the album release at house of vans brooklyn and the rover is ok, complications is ok, if you really love nothing is very good, but none of the songs hit me in the heart or accessed the obsession-level in my brain. el pintor and even self-titled got there for me and i think this album is not strong on its own. paul also executes the basslines on the album better than brad truax can replicate them. i think bob hardy should give truax a lesson in that poppy disco bass because most of the fanbase bemoans the absence of carlos d.


    with respect to the dark side, wow. the overall reaction to this song is so massive and it makes me feel warm all over. i keep laughing at all of the “it sounds like this” comparisons because it is getting to be an absurd thing along with the obsession of muse fans quantifying matt bellamy’s vocal proficiency with his ability to hit notes above the staves. the song does not fall victim to a copy-cat song which — in my opinion — gives it an exceptional weight as an instant classic in the catalogue. it sounds like a bunch of great muse songs all had an orgy and time travelled to 1986: baroque x trance x synth zombie dance. i love the composition of this song and i am filling in big drum sounds (a la man without a harmonica deep, echoey drums) and chris’s bass line is a nice little bop of a line that is a perfect fit with the rolling waves of dark arpeggios. the vocal is sexy and the demonic whisper paralleling the line in the verses reminds me as if someone was whispering lyrics and you were sitting in bed at night and started hearing them crackle in and out of your ear. you’re unsure if you’re hearing something or not and you’re unsure where it’s originating from. the track is transcendent and sensual and sinister. it breaks new ground for muse but pays homage to its most-cherished tracks.


    i am genuinely curious if the song will overcome the live synth shortcomings of the mix since the resistance. those bubbly, somewhat metallic synths reside so far down in the mix in songs like “bliss” where they are more of a shy, afterthought than an integral component of the song. i hope that the synths on this tour are at level 1000000000000000 because this tune is kind of begging for a muse synth renaissance.


    i give this song an infinity rating. it’s almost a perfect song. i know the live version will tie up any loose ends and doubts with a hot pink bow.


    Are you kidding me? Ridiculous. Something Human comparisons to any Marauder song. :LOL: Also it starts to become a stereotype to mention poor Carlos D. There are some pletty slack basslines on Marauder. Just to mention one, Stay In Touch, very memorable.

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