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  1. Here it is. I collect and update all the best Synthwave songs on this playlist fora long time now.:)

  2. You won't believe but I was just about to listen to Zeta's new record :D I listen to all Synthwave/New Retrowave releases as there are not too many. But thanks for the heads up. I have a New Retrowave playlist on Spotify if you are interested.

  3. Nice! :DD I expected more from Spurs to be honest.

  4. Which post of mine inspired you to take my personality?

  5. Overdrive? A few opinions on this board have been seriously pissing me off recently. Bashing great films without decent (or any) explanations.

  6. LiT

    Why ask something you already have the answer for...:/

  7. LiT

    Shame on you! :noey:

  8. Yeah I noticed it :D :D

  9. Yeah, good one :) I got a warning for that, didn't know it's that much of a sin. But English is not my first language tbh.

  10. I might have initiated a few arguments in the past but if you think back recently. I barely initiated anything:) That's been my problem in the first place recently.

  11. If you are joking it's okay. But since you've been mainly hostile with me how the fuck should I know.

    To be honest, I never had a problem with you. But you are too protective over Fabri.

  12. The thing I don't get: If you really wanted this to stop and "you've given up" as you say, then why the fuck was that provocation necessary out of nowhere? You clearly didn't post that just for fun, you hoped things would excalade more and more. Which is already fucked up. Just the usual baiting. Just think about it.

  13. The hypocracy.

  14. They are a stubborn group.

  15. No, it wasn't. He said I'm stupid because I loved Hustle.

  16. Thank you and your support! :)

  17. Don't let him win!

  18. Good to hear.:DD I'm a public enemy on this board xd

  19. Cheers for the add :)

  20. Happy belated birthday:)

  21. LiT

    I quite enjoy these "arguements" :DDDD

  22. "noise and atmosphere, preferably with a futuristic or unsettling feel"


    That is the sound I'm always looking for:D

  23. When I see your name, the term "post rock" always pops in my mind. xdd

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