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  1. I can’t reset my password to get into the members area as it says my email address is not recognised. Also on iOS the website and forum are both showing website unsecure In the url bar.
  2. Listen to team rock radio on dab or online it's a rock radio station run by people who have a passion for the music they play on air and it's advert free too. They cover all aspects of the rock genre from country and blues to heavy metal and prog and seem to be doing a lot to get rock music to the people again as stations like radio one give Daniel p carter a 2 hour slot at midnight once a week to play some rock/metal which most people would never hear.
  3. They will close with starlight again. Such a bad ending only idea gig was over was when I saw em take in ear monitors out. If the had fireworks to close starlight would work but a tiny blast of co2 isn't good enough to close such an epic gig
  4. I felt the same I was expecting take a bow or something to close ending on starlight wouldn't be too bad if the had fireworks or something to go out with a bang to show its over. It was so cold last night we was front row and I've never been cold during a gig normally end up sweating. Bringing back guiding light was pointless didn't even have the streamers which made it slightly better at wembley other than that was a really good gig
  5. yeah i have been front row for rammstein the flames during sonne especially the last 30 seconds and du hast do feel like you are burning but you are about 10 feet away from the flames so kinda expect it to be hot. they even come round towards end of set and give you a fridge magnet that says i survived front row with rammstein
  6. rammstein have pyro in front of stage and barrier is still close to the stage. only reason barrier was so far back at leeds/reading is because its a festival festival stages tend to have a big gap between barrier and stage
  7. which email address does the confirmation email go to i can't access the email address i used to create my muse.mu account so gave them that and in the box where you had to enter your email twice i gave my new email address
  8. Does anybody have an idea what camera was used to film this video the sound quality is unbelievable or does anyone know of any camera that are good for recording at gigs ?
  9. i have a full uk driving licence it says on ryanairs website this should be fine gonna print that off and take it with me incase they do say anything. and i cant see me having a passport done in time either especially since theyve just been on strike. i dont live anywhere near passport office nearest is liverpool 3 hours drive away.
  10. dont have a passport well dont have a valid one. sending off for a new one tommorow but dont think it will be here in time for dublin
  11. the ad15vt is a great little amp has really nice clean sounds and plenty of amp models from cleans to high gain metal. Plenty of fx built in too great little amp specially as you can pick one up for £99
  12. just checked says i can take my driving licence think its provisional licence they wont accept has to be a full uk licence which i have so shouldn't be a problem i hope.
  13. ah right thanks for that need to find my reference number then the email that got sent got deleted my mistake so gonna have to find out how to retrieve it. does anybody know how i could do this looked on ryanair website can't see how i could retrieve my reference number. EDIT: nevermind found the email now and got my reference number
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