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    TARDIS or Serenity?
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    Umm... :)
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    Hanging with Joliet Jake and Elwood...and Ferris Bueller. What an awesome city.
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    making movies, editing, dancing, sewing, pretending
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    looking for one of those...
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    Incubus, Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons, BritRock in general, Harry and the Potters, Rachel's, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Interpol, Damien Rice, Eve 6, Dandy Warhols, Garbage, Violent Femmes, Coldplay, Bush, Silverchair, Saul Williams, Rage Against the Machine, Frou Frou, Sigor Ros, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ben Folds, The Beatles, Cake, The Cranberries, Deftones, The Doors, Led Zepplin, Dresden Dolls, Nine Inch Nails, Gorillaz, Johnny Cash, The Postal Service, R.E.M., U2, Weezer, Blue Man Group, Fiona Apple, George Gershwin, John Williams, Jimmy Eat World, System of a Down, Three Days Grace, Victor Wooten, The Xtension Chordz, Yann Tiersen, way more.
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    Waking Life, Amelie, Vanilla Sky, The Breakfast Club, P.S., About a Boy, Reality Bites, Life as a House, Constantine, V for Vendetta, Star Wars, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Garden State, Primer, Thumbsucker, The Bicycle Thief, Citizen Kane, It Happened One Night, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Life is Beautiful, Resivior Dogs, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Series of Unfortunate Events, A Goofy Movie, Spiderman 1 & 2, School Of Rock, Life Lessons, Cashback, Orlando, Human Nature, Fight Club, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Kevin Smith Movies, Dr. Strangelove, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Casanova (The BBC one)
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    PBS, The Office, Dr. Who, Greek, and Mythbusters.
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    Crime & Punishment, 1984, Brave New World, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, basically anything Harry Potter, The Reasons for Love, Thumbsucker, Things Fall Apart, The Things They Carried, Matilda, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Tristan and Isult, The Mission of Art, White Fluffy Clouds, Leaves of Grass, So Once There Was This Boy... Series, The Divine Comedy, The Symposium, The Hidden Face of God, A History of the Mind, Transfigurations, Metephysics, What Others Have the Right to Expect from Us, The Brothers Karamozov, Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, America (The Book) by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Those are just my favorite ones, I've read a lot more.
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    The basic 6, Hullabaloo, HAARP and Absolution DVD's
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    Wembley 16 and 17th
    Lollapalooza 07
    Madison Square Garden 07
    Madison Square Garden 10
    United Center 10
    Manchester 10
    Wembley 10
    Long Island 10
    New Jersey 10

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  1. Random contact time. Just signed up for the site and clicked on the first interesting sounding user name i saw.

  2. I'm Mandy and I've been a Muser since 2006. One of my best friends in school got really into AFI right around the time I got into Muse, so we had a lot of exchanges. I graduated Uni in 09 with a degree in film, because I was optimistic that I would have a job and then real life kicked me in the head Right now I write a lot. Besides Muse, Incubus are my favorite band and I have an Incubus tattoo across my back. My Muse tattoo will be joining it as soon as I get some money.
  3. Sure do!

    Enjoy. =)

  4. Do you have a link to the interview from your siggy? The fart buzzer one? I'm very curious... :LOL:


  6. Happy birthday!!! :party:

  7. Cheers! Added you!

  8. yeah i do have a facebook um




    if that isnt it than just private message me

  9. Hello! It was awesome meeting you the other nite, even if I wasn't my usual self(shots can do that to a person) lol

  10. HI MANDY!!! Good to see you!!

  11. Tis Mandy from TAM! Hi!

  12. yea they do work. i feel it works the calfs and butt really good. but they are also really comfy.i wear them all the time.a little price but well worth it. cant wait to meet you guys.

  13. Do the Shape ups work? I really want a pair, but I'm not sure.

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