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  1. Is that online or in one of their stores? I only ask coz HMV in Worthing no longer sell singles:(


    If I have to then I'll order online but I'd rather go to a shop and buy it on the day, seems impossible nowadays! :mad:


    Online, I know what you mean, seems like every HMV is through with singles, luckily theres a few independant music shops in edinburgh that still stock vinyl singles and the such:) Well, lucky for me...

  2. As soon as i click on the Muse Board Assasin comes on the tv, something with cars in it :erm:


    Oh and Today at one of the workshop things at school, I managed to convice the guy to put BH&R on! It was a vote between that, The View and Now 66:stunned: The latter won the vote but he refused to put it on so Muse won by default:D Although he skipped TaB and went straight to Starlight:stunned: And then he turned it off... the nerve of some people...

  3. I belive The small print fits in Absolution more than Fury. TSP is a really fast song, it fits in with Butterflies and hurricanes and Endlessly before and after.


    But if I had to choose one song it has to be Fury, but TSP is right behind.


    That's exactly what I would have said appart from your last sentance. Imo TSP is better than Fury, but only just.

  4. The way the riff at the end of microcuts switches from ear to ear when you listen to it through headphones

    The way matt says 'natural DISASTER' in nature_1

    Also the way he says ' SUCKS' in TIRO

    The piano at the end of citizen erased

    The line ' And if my wish comes true, you'll never see me again' in Host

    All the lyrics in Ruled By Secrecy

    When the guitar kicks in in Eternally Missed

    The piano solo in Butterflies and Hurricanes

    The drums in Stockholm Syndrome

    The build up of everything in Showbiz

    The piano throughout Sunburn

    The line 'Too Little Much Too Late' in Muscle Museum

    The megaphone in Feeling Good


    And too many more to mention :D

    :eek:That reminded me! My fav part of all time "I JUST WANNA RUN AWAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" in host!

    Whoop! Ill be able to play that at full volume all summer now:happy::D

  5. PiB guitar riff, just godly

    In SMBH after the guitar solo and Matt sings "glaciers melting in the DEAD of night AND the superstars sucked into the supermassive" Just the way he sings dead and and :happy: mmmm

    TIRO "Yeah you will SUCK the life out of me":cool::happy::p

    Closing lyrics to SFA


    Thats all i can think of right now:D

  6. There must be one Muse crazy fan in the Doctor Who Confidential headquarters...


    Appart from that i also heard Starlight in USC :( I was quite upset because i missed the clapping intro, i think my mum would have dissowned me if id started clapping in the middle of the shop:happy:

  7. There's something about muscle museum, its not blatently sad, like blackout etc., but its... oh i cant explain it, :rolleyes:



    On the subject of Radiohead tho' Exit Music (for a film) sends a tingle down my spine and Lucky has the same effect aswell.


    Just reminds me of the Father Ted episode with the suicidal priest:LOL:

  8. there's this line in microcuts where he sings a blaine cuts into your brain,but i've always been hearing a blade cuts into your brain.i don't even know what a blaine is,i just read it in microcuts.net.i still sing it the wrong way.


    The only words i can ever make out in microcuts is puppet strings!


    Theres a good few lines that just sounded like...mush before i read the lyrics, then they were clear as day:D ...ish

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