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  1. Got my tickets for myself and my two chums this morning Gonna make a proper piss up weekend out of it, although does anyone think pre sale will still have tickets today as I might have to get another one...
  2. Online, I know what you mean, seems like every HMV is through with singles, luckily theres a few independant music shops in edinburgh that still stock vinyl singles and the such:) Well, lucky for me...
  3. I don't know if anyone else is as interested in 7" vinyls as I am but HMV are saying theres going to be picture discs! Whoopee! Although 3.49, pretty pricey for a single 3.49 for the CD as well! What happened to 1.99....
  4. Yeah same, I'm hoping now that Shirley's silly Terminator shows been cancelled she'll want to start recording with the band again:) From what ive read, it seems promising...

  5. Haha, well thanks, that's made my day!:p

    Garbage are epic. Shirley Manson is God. :)

  6. Er.. thanks for adding me as a friend, although it would be interesting to know how you found my account seeing as i havent been on here for months:P


    Toodles anyway

  7. I've always said Apocalypse Please, It would make my funeral appear a lot more dramatic: "This is the end of the world"
  8. My friend and I decided to play the 'scribble game' instead of revision the other year Then got bored during PSE so Craig and Ben asked if we would do their self portrait (There is a good reason why one is a sheep..)
  9. As soon as i click on the Muse Board Assasin comes on the tv, something with cars in it Oh and Today at one of the workshop things at school, I managed to convice the guy to put BH&R on! It was a vote between that, The View and Now 66:stunned: The latter won the vote but he refused to put it on so Muse won by default:D Although he skipped TaB and went straight to Starlight:stunned: And then he turned it off... the nerve of some people...
  10. After only hearing the studio version for the first time the other week im not that keen Although played live it is indeed awesome!
  11. Too right!! I have to say when I first bought BH&R Invicible was the song that i had on repeat most of the time:$ Although that was before I got into them properbly..
  12. Not meaning to sound rude or anything but do you people not have jobs? How can you afford to be flying around the world all the time?
  13. That's exactly what I would have said appart from your last sentance. Imo TSP is better than Fury, but only just.
  14. :eek:That reminded me! My fav part of all time "I JUST WANNA RUN AWAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" in host! Whoop! Ill be able to play that at full volume all summer now:happy:
  15. PiB guitar riff, just godly In SMBH after the guitar solo and Matt sings "glaciers melting in the DEAD of night AND the superstars sucked into the supermassive" Just the way he sings dead and and mmmm TIRO "Yeah you will SUCK the life out of me":cool: Closing lyrics to SFA Thats all i can think of right now:D
  16. There must be one Muse crazy fan in the Doctor Who Confidential headquarters... Appart from that i also heard Starlight in USC I was quite upset because i missed the clapping intro, i think my mum would have dissowned me if id started clapping in the middle of the shop:happy:
  17. Apparently TIRO is 'the Batman song' She just doesnt want to admit she likes muse:happy: And thats the only excuse she could come up with:rolleyes:
  18. My friends excuse - "They sound like something off of Batman" I dont know whats wrong with that:( I like Batman...
  19. There's something about muscle museum, its not blatently sad, like blackout etc., but its... oh i cant explain it, Just reminds me of the Father Ted episode with the suicidal priest:LOL:
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