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  1. 1. You used to release singles on CD/DVD supports. These formats are now outdated or only cherished by collectors but the thing is they did include B-Sides and now we are running out of B-Sides. Would you consider releasing some more again? Even if only released digitally or given away. 2. Lots of bands (Red Hot Chili Peppers for instance) put audio bootlegs on sale on their website. People can legally download the audio of the concert they've been to, listen to it and remember their good time. That's pretty cool. Would you be up for it?
  2. Hello there,

    I would like to get your spare ticket for tomorrow night!

    Let me know if the ticket is still available at aureliezaltzfus@gmail.com please

    My friends and I will be there at about 4 so you could join us in the queue at the same time

    Take care x

  3. Your pictures are truely amazing !!! Would it be possible to have just one pic of the 10th but large to use it as a wallpaper ? Here are mine from 10th and you can also find pictures from both Stade de France shows
  4. Voted Muscle Museum because it means something special to me but I would have voted for many other songs begening with Citizen Erased, Newborn, Plug in Baby and Map of The Problematique.
  5. Don't know their plans about a new DVD but i think they probably use a US show if they release a DVD for The Resistance Tour because they have always used Europeans shows. Now it's time to change continent i guess...
  6. True ! I recently brought a friend who only knew a few songs to Wembley Stadium 2 weeks ago and he enjoyed the show like he has never enjoyed a show before !! Now he listens to every album and likes what he is discovering everyday. I'm glad to have converted him Pick only one album is a kinda hard ! I voted Showbiz but i like Origin of Symmetry the same way. I don't think people who only know The Resistence get to call themselves Muse fans, I agree with RayFan9876 to say that they're fans of The Resistence and like Muse. Being fan of a band is more than being fan of only one album, people have to like the other ones too or at least already have listened to them. Of course I understand that everyone can't like every song from each album and that everyone has different ranking preferances about the albums.
  7. I'll be happy to help, I don't have lots of videos but you can see what I filmed on my Youtube Chanel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Coldplayeuse If you're interested in some of them, ask me and I'll upload them for you. Thank you !
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