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  1. Far better than I expected it to be. For a free gig it was pretty impressive, they really went all out on lights, pyro, lasers and smoke, didn't think they woulld, and the sound was a lot better than Emirates too. Was near the back so saw Brad Pitt too
  2. When I saw doors at 7pm and this being a free 30 min gig, had no idea it would actually start at 9:30. Going with my younger sister who's 12 (and over the moon) but now thinking it's a bad idea if it means getting home just before midnight.. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers I guess.
  3. I don't get it, why will you try anyway if it's a lot of bother? If you're not likely to come down, wouldn't it be a waste of tickets if you win? Edit: Ignore this, just got some tickets thanks for the link.
  4. Haha, so true. And same, I heard Plug In Baby and New Born on Kerrang too I think, borrowed Origin from my friend, and fell in love (with the band, not my friend). But it wasn't until 2003 that I saw them live. I'm not exaggerating when I say Apocalypse Please (the very first song) was pretty much a life-affirming moment for me.
  5. Well that was pretty awesome. After spending countless hundreds of pounds on previous gigs the first time I could actually properly see the whole band was a free one. Managed to get right to the front near Matt (via the side, without any pushing) just before they started. Animals not as epic live I thought, even though it's my favourite. Supremacy obviously rocked and Follow Me was better than I thought it'd be. Missed some of the oldies but that was expected I guess. Not often I say this but THANK YOU, APPLE. Edit: and Muse
  6. Lol, a few misinformed people on here. 320kbps (.mp3) is not the same as FLAC, and if you have the CD, you can just rip to FLAC yourself which is lossless. The "HD audio" is just a slightly better version of this lossless format (24-bit/96kHz as opposed to 16-bit/44.1kHz). I very much doubt anyone can tell the difference between these two formats. This is not, I repeat, NOT the same as any version/bitrate of MP3. I guess mscaramelli has explained all this perfectly already. Most media players play FLAC but if you want to play them on iTunes or on an iPod, you need to convert to ALAC (Apple's lossless codec). To play on a normal stereo/CD player, you'd need to convert to .WAV and burn to CD. Or you could just use your purchased CD.
  7. Big Freeze or Save Me. Don't dislike Explorers as much as others (but then again I like Guiding Light). As it happens, Supremacy, Animals, and Follow Me are my favourites too.
  8. They showed the full Strokes set, and pretty much all of My Chemical Romance's set. No one complained. And those were actually titled 'The Strokes and Jane's Addiction', 'MCR and Beady Eye'. They didn't mention anything about the highlights in the synopsis either, and usually they have a separate programme for that anyway. No one is saying they should show nothing else at all. Also not sure what the fact that some people complain that Reading is shown has to do with anything, that would have been shown regardless, like it is (3 days) every year. Their complaints are irrelevant here. As it is, apart from a couple of songs from Streets, Warpaint and Enter Shikari, there was weird filler stuff like acoustic performances and plenty of inane chatter, hardly the "highlights" of the whole festival which they had to cut Muse's set for. Another complaint is that the BBC (or the band) at no point mentioned that the full Origin of Symmetry set would not be shown. On the contrary they were building it up, Fearne even mentioning that "you're going to hear so many beautiful songs from [Origin of Symmetry] tonight". 3 hardly counts as 'so many'. As a result you had a lot of fans waiting to hear it and being let down, which is why people are all the more annoyed.
  9. Just watched the recording. Needless to say I'm pretty pissed off. It's also annoying because the programme said 'Muse @ Reading' and even the synopsis didn't mention anything about highlights, and being 2 hours long, I really thought there would be a fuller set. As it happens, only about half it was Muse. Can't understand this nonsense about not being ready, was really looking forward to this ever since it was announced. Oh well, Hullabaloo it is.
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