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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Hope life is good.:eek::eek::eek:

  2. Sorry...i'm bored, its Saturday morning and I have nothing better to do! Here goes... Q1: Fave Muse song (in general) Q2: Fave Muse song (vocally) Q3: Fave Muse song (musically) Q4: Fave Muse song (live) Q5: Fave Muse music video? Q6: Fave Muse member? Q7: Fave Muse item of clothing the band have worn? Q7: Fave Muse moment? Q7: Fave Muse album? Q8: Fave Muse riff? Q8: Matt the pinaist or Matt the guitarist? Q9: If you were stranded on an island and could only have 3 Muse songs to listen to which would they be? Q9: If you could spend the day with Muse...what would you do? Q10: What colour hair suits Matt best? Q11: How many times have you seen Muse live? Q12: How long have you been a fan? Q13: Have you ever met Muse? Q14: Chris' best moustach moment? Q15: Fave album cover? Q16: Bliss or Newborn? Q17: Plug in Baby or Time Is Running Out? Q18: Stockholm Syndrome or Hysteria? Q19: Fave Muse b-side? Q20: Why are you a fan of Muse Enjoy!
  3. ZOMGG, they are fookin mint...do any banks in the UK do anything like this???
  4. Oooh fit pics What bank are you with by the way...I wanna have a picture on my card too
  5. Random...I was bored the other day so I actually decided to make a list Sunburn x2 Muscle Museum x1 Unintended x1 Bliss x1 New Born x3 Plug In Baby x3 Microcuts x1 Citizen Erased x1 Space Dementia x1 Feeling Good x3 Hysteria x3 Time Is Running Out x3 Stockholm Syndrome x3 Blackout x1 Butterflies and Hurricanes x3 Take A Bow x3 Supermassive Black Hole x3 Map Of The Problematique x3 Starlight x3 Soldier's Poem x2 Knights Of Cydonia x3 Assassin x1 Hoodoo x2 Invincible x3 City Of Delusion x1 Dead Star x1 Still dying to hear Showbiz live...maybe one day...
  6. Heard SMBH in my mate's car (he's the one who got me into muse) and thought it sounded totally different to anything else so went home and downloaded it along with some other stuff and the rest is history!!
  7. Yeah me too, I digged out Showbiz the other day, haven't listened to it in ages, was really good hearing the old stuff again...just wish they would include some of the songs in their live shows more often...that would make them even more perfect then they already are!!
  8. After listening to the whole album this morning...I have finally come to the conclusion that OoS is IMO their best album...it was always bettween that and Absolution for me but I have made up my mind. Micro Cuts is bloody amazing...not that you can understand a word that is being said, unless obviously you look at the lyrics.
  9. Woooooooooooooah, check out that bad boy, that's what I call a 'tash!!
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