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    2019-London Stadium;2013-LA;SBE; Emiratesx2; Manchester; Amsterdam; SDFx2; Turin
    2010-Nijmegen;SDFx2; Madrid; Stockholm(cancelled);Manchester;Wembley Stadium x2
    2009-Turin; Madrid;Bologna; Rotterdam;O2-London;O2-Dublin(missed flight);Liévin;Stockholm;The Den x2
    2008-V; Dublin;Rock in Rio-Lisbon; RAH
    2007-Copenhagen;Oslo;Stockholm; Boston; MSG; Verona; Paris; Wembley Stadiumx2
    2006-Wembley Arena x2
  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Of course I'll wait. I guess your inbox is full, can't PM you,


    It's great to hear that it was such a special gig experience, espacially coming from you who has been at 50 concerts. Makes it even more special for me. It was really nice meeting you all.


    I'll be waitung paitently, I'll wait for a sign ;o).



    Kind regards



  2. what did it say the red dancing lady was very entertaining. I notice she sat down during Biffy, then started aganin during the interval and Muse.
  3. Hi Mark et al It was a fun meetup and to have 2 tour guides *Thanks Lazlo, Andii) I was on the B stage barrier at the steps where Muse came down. Mark and I could see the others on the opposite side of the B stage, but I was unable to locate where you or Helen were. We need to have a reunion if you guys are coming over for Muse 20th anniversay gig. Helen- Sorry I missed your text, I left my phone behind, I was hoping you'd find me and Mark or the others group. Linrosa - Sorry I didn't see your message until now.
  4. Hi Huei. Hope to see you tonight! Text me and I will try to find you before the concert. I am quering as well:

    0045 29802884 I am looking so much forward!

  5. So are we meeting right outside those 2 drinking places in the pic? (sorry I am a simpleton when it comes to directions:$)
  6. Hi Mark The meetup probably won't finish by 15.00 , maybe if someone could post on the thread where we'll be later in the day and you could join us then. It'll be nice to see you again.
  7. Hi Count me in. thanks for organising the meetup. Just to clarify for me (as scifigeekgirl can vouch for me "special needs" of getting lost easily ) -that we are meeting at the S Bahn station-Berlin-Pichelsdorf ? Is there just one exit? (last Xmas in London, I managed to not meet my friend at Bond st underground station, because I was waiting upstairs at street level and she was waiting downstairs by the ticket office ) Would it be easier to recognise us (since we are probably all strangers to each other that we wear Muse Tee or some other identification?)
  8. I am having problem MQ on the iPad. As you seem to know Berlin, I propose you be our Berlin meetup organiser. Just tell us where to go and what time, then I'll find my way there. maybe give us some direction how to get there as I do not speak German and is a complete stranger in Berlin plus lacking any sense of direction.
  9. Hi Just tell me exactly how I can help you, knowing I am quite useless taking photos or vids:LOL: Btw I am flying out first thing on Friday morning.
  10. Hi, I've replied your PM, please check it out. I really need to do this project and I can really use your help.


    Thanks! :awesome:

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