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  1. Quoting myself, so despite the email saying you need your credit card... You don't. All you need is your ID per the Mayan staff.
  2. Anyone know if there is ANY way they'll let me in without my debit card? I have my ID and I can log in to show my transaction. Anyone have that info? Don't wanna be told no at entry. But also don't want to end up even further back in line lol. Thanks!
  3. ^ agreed on that. A stadium show would be amazing! That post musem depression is setting in. I want another show soon!
  4. Just a little update on this harmonica, pretty funny. If you noticed, it didn't work and Chris threw it into the ground before getting another one. Upon closer inspection it looks like someone played a practical joke on Chris. All except one valve on each harmonica (two taped together) are covered by white tape so air doesn't blow through them. Looks like I got me a Chris harmonica with some rare added value hehehe
  5. Awesome show! I picked up the first harmonica, the one that didn't work! Then he gave his other one to the chick in front of me with the Chris sign. Oh and to the dude who made the citizen erased signs... We will get them next time!!!
  6. I have section 109 tickets for tonight. Would you like to trade???

  7. Hey No. 11 I posted on the thread about the LA muse concert but wanted to send you a private message too. I wanted floor tickets but couldn't or didn't know how to get them. I have tickets for Thursday the 24th in the Premier section 3. On the ticketmaster chart its yellow and on the right of the stage. I have a friend going with me though so if you wanted to trade dunno if you have 2 to trade?

  8. Scored a couple of GA tickets! but i kinda wanted seats this time. in a rush i forgot to select floor level seating, and didnt want to refresh for fear of getting shitty tickets... so if anyone wants to trade floor level seated tickets for these two GA, let me know please! WOOHOO!
  9. Darn... they're not releasing more tickets every 10... lame.
  10. nvm found the right place. anyone get exactly what they wanted? I'm looking to get section 118, 119, 112, or 113. I'd like GA but the wife might be prego... think they'll do the every 10 minutes thing this time?
  11. Am I in the right place for the presale? http://muse.tickets.musictoday.com/Muse/calendar.aspx
  12. Awesome! GA baby! Let the queuing begin! I wonder what it's like queuing up along with Rage fans... there are a lot of them who don't like the idea of Muse opening for them. And is Snoop really gonna be there? I haven't seen his name anywhere other than LA Times. As long as he doesn't performs before Muse and Rage...
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