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  1. Oooh, it wasn't intended as torture :chuckle: Just picked some nice screencaps from my 'Bucket :D

  2. Wayhey :eyebrows: Thank you :D Happy belated birthday to yourself, by the looks of your wall :)








  3. :D Thank you :kiss: 

    Hopefully that'll help towards happy dreams seeing as I can't see any pics/gifs on phone :LOL:

  4. Ah, I did just have some chocolate cake while I was on the phone to mum :D

    Going out for pan-Asian buffet for lunch then opera tomorrow afternoon :dance:

  5. Thank you :D:kiss:

    I'm feeling all warm + fuzzy now :chuckle:

  6. Your vids are always brilliant - I love your attention to detail with the editing, it's spot on - cheers
  7. Female 20-29 Caucasian The Beatles, Manic Street Preachers, Morrissey/The Smiths, System of a Down, Rufus Wainwright, Carole King, Mozart and Verdi (to name a few...)
  8. Dammitall - bloody snooker! What a load of old balls As for the people who can't watch it live, does anyone know if BBC iPlayer works in other countries at all? It's just a thought, I guess it's probably been mentioned in other threads before And it'll probably appear on YouTube at some stage I should imagine
  9. Heya lovely, any news on your flights and Ireland trip? Hope you get something sorted out ok :kiss: I'm in the same situation now, it's pretty rubbish :mad: Bloody volcano spouting out all that crap :fear:







  10. Oh nono, I meant don't worry about the time gap :chuckle: It makes for juicy-ish reading - I could turn his life into a soap opera sometimes :LOL:

  11. Ah, don't worry about it :chuckle: - I think it was a very long-winded one about the housemate :facepalm:

  12. :D great new thread me dearie :dance: - thank you! :kiss:
  13. Some great graphs so far - too many good'uns to quote And now I'm going to post my first lame-assed attempts The time spent on these is probably inversely proportional to how funny they actually are
  14. Good-o :D I wouldn't worry too much about the pm - I've slept since then so I've got no idea what I wrote :LOL:

  15. Whasssup?! You alright me dear? ;)

  16. Mmmm, food for thought there (quite literally :chuckle:) - will investigate rice cooker further, and maybe try the steamer next time - cheers :D I have a rather gung-ho "chuck it in" approach to cooking - whatever's in the fridge/freezer/cupboard goes in :LOL: It's a good job I'm not a fussy eater :chuckle: Hmmm, this is making me hungry too now :facepalm:

  17. Hey hey, a sushi-wallspam moment after your comments in the thread :D So a rice cooker is the way forward then?! Normal rice or sushi rice, and does it 'set' by itself or do you add the sushi vinegar stuff? I tried a mixture of sweetcorn, avocado, cooked beetroot, cucumber, pepper and a chopped hard-boiled egg to fill it - pretty much went through the fridge picking things out that I thought would taste good :LOL:

  18. Ha ha! Perhaps spoilering it is the way to go, it would be the end of an era if the wallporn went for good :eek: I'm off to do my lesson planning for the week, catch you laters ;)

  19. Awwww, that won't go down well (that's what she said - arf)! You'll have to PM it - or start a new thread after Carla's BoPo :LOL:

  20. Gah, it's pretty bonkers that people can't just live and let live with these things :noey:


    Hope you're ok now :D

  21. Don't let the bastards get you down :kiss:

  22. Well, 3 IS a magic number (or so the song goes) :LOL:

  23. I know, 3 whole friends... go me! It's far better than the pitiful 0 friends I had 3 hours ago though :LOL:

  24. I haven't really done much with this side of things, as you probably can tell... Perhaps I'll go on an adding spree now and scupper any chance of finishing my ironing :LOL:

  25. Yay, thank you! 1 friend is now slightly less pitiful than 0 friends :LOL:!

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