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  1. Hey, happy birthday my lovely :party: Hope you've had a great day :kiss:





  2. Cool cool! I found that on the Lolcats website - I love some of the things they post. The lolz language cracks me up too, I'm sometimes squeaking away with laughter at some of the pics on there, and then the housemate comes in to check I'm alright :$:LOL:

  3. Hiya! Thinking about changing between chords, the best way to do it is probably to get really comfortable with each chord individually first, with its shape, which order your fingers are in and which frets they're on.


    Once you've got that committed to memory you could practice changing between two specific chords, noting where the fingers are moving to, and keep working at that until it's fluid - and try that exercise between lots of combinations of 2 different chords, then 3 etc. Then try out some simple songs with only a couple of chords and keep working at the changes.


    So yes, I suppose it does come down to lots of practice to get fluent changing, but you'll find that it gets easier once your fingers are stronger and you know the chord shapes better :D Hope that helps :kiss:

  4. Thanks for the birthday message :kiss: Had a wicked day, fun and sunshine galore :awesome: Hope all is well with you, are you completely exam-free now? :)

  5. Thank you :kiss: It's been really nice getting all these birthday messages :dance: Had a wicked day, lots of fun and sunshine hurrah!


    Hope all's well with you ;)

  6. Oooh, it wasn't intended as torture :chuckle: Just picked some nice screencaps from my 'Bucket :D

  7. Wayhey :eyebrows: Thank you :D Happy belated birthday to yourself, by the looks of your wall :)








  8. :D Thank you :kiss: 

    Hopefully that'll help towards happy dreams seeing as I can't see any pics/gifs on phone :LOL:

  9. Ah, I did just have some chocolate cake while I was on the phone to mum :D

    Going out for pan-Asian buffet for lunch then opera tomorrow afternoon :dance:

  10. Thank you :D:kiss:

    I'm feeling all warm + fuzzy now :chuckle:

  11. Heya lovely, any news on your flights and Ireland trip? Hope you get something sorted out ok :kiss: I'm in the same situation now, it's pretty rubbish :mad: Bloody volcano spouting out all that crap :fear:







  12. Oh nono, I meant don't worry about the time gap :chuckle: It makes for juicy-ish reading - I could turn his life into a soap opera sometimes :LOL:

  13. Ah, don't worry about it :chuckle: - I think it was a very long-winded one about the housemate :facepalm:

  14. :D great new thread me dearie :dance: - thank you! :kiss:
  15. Good-o :D I wouldn't worry too much about the pm - I've slept since then so I've got no idea what I wrote :LOL:

  16. Whasssup?! You alright me dear? ;)

  17. Mmmm, food for thought there (quite literally :chuckle:) - will investigate rice cooker further, and maybe try the steamer next time - cheers :D I have a rather gung-ho "chuck it in" approach to cooking - whatever's in the fridge/freezer/cupboard goes in :LOL: It's a good job I'm not a fussy eater :chuckle: Hmmm, this is making me hungry too now :facepalm:

  18. Hey hey, a sushi-wallspam moment after your comments in the thread :D So a rice cooker is the way forward then?! Normal rice or sushi rice, and does it 'set' by itself or do you add the sushi vinegar stuff? I tried a mixture of sweetcorn, avocado, cooked beetroot, cucumber, pepper and a chopped hard-boiled egg to fill it - pretty much went through the fridge picking things out that I thought would taste good :LOL:

  19. Ha ha! Perhaps spoilering it is the way to go, it would be the end of an era if the wallporn went for good :eek: I'm off to do my lesson planning for the week, catch you laters ;)

  20. Awwww, that won't go down well (that's what she said - arf)! You'll have to PM it - or start a new thread after Carla's BoPo :LOL:

  21. Gah, it's pretty bonkers that people can't just live and let live with these things :noey:


    Hope you're ok now :D

  22. Don't let the bastards get you down :kiss:

  23. Well, 3 IS a magic number (or so the song goes) :LOL:

  24. I know, 3 whole friends... go me! It's far better than the pitiful 0 friends I had 3 hours ago though :LOL:

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