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  1. Hey, happy birthday my lovely :party: Hope you've had a great day :kiss:





  2. Ha, it is conducive to daydreams It's so funny I'm ok thank you, have sorted out some of the school timeable-fuckery now which means I won't be working such stupid hours without a break now Bit knackered from the weekend, ended up doing a lot of rehearsing with the housemate for next weekend's acoustic gig. And writing a Meatloaf parody song on Saturday night... How are you? Gaga-ah-ah-ahhhh ^ Smuggling a bunch of grapes... cheers for that comment Mum...
  3. Although admittedly my first thought was of some sort of "Pimp my ride" style captioning to go with it Must. Try. Harder... Btw I've just remembered what it reminds me of... Inviting... Those twitter vids are hilarious - especially the Chris one, which made me laugh a lot Hope all are well
  4. The first spoiler title I came up with was a bit ruder than that, decided against it as it might cause offence Yeah, Wednesday was a bit crazy, to say the least. All sorted now, I will actually get a chance to eat and take a break from now on I guess that's why. It sounds so fab - I found mp3s of the whole gig earlier - I love the crowd joining in with the chorus of Sing for Absolution It was pretty darn amazing - it's a gig that will stay with me for a very long time I think I'm going to have to turn in now - my eyes are going all squiffy from focusing on some very small needlework!! Night Natasha and Tiia, and anyone else who's still around
  5. Hey, how are you? Am loving it, had a slightly dippy moment about whether they had played it or not because it wasn't on the DVD The most vivid memory of that night for me was being rooted to the spot (in the mud ) during Butterflies and Hurricanes - total goosebumps-falling-in-love-moment
  6. Pahahaha! Merry Christmas indeed - if only Santa really did look like that Aww, and while we're all reminiscing, listening to Glasto 04 - wowzwers - loving it. Had forgotten they'd played CE that night though Wicked demo version of Take a Bow too Night Stef
  7. Oho, any inopportune drunken rambling is remembered when you least expect it Must... have... been... sweaty... I'm not sure if I like these mental images or not actually ... I... ... @ T shirt though Off now, nighty night lovely peeps
  8. Flying catch up in here HAHAHAHAHA! *snort* Twice in a row ? Mucky pup So, who's going to infiltrate the laundry and accidentally wash it on a high heat? Hope all are well in here
  9. Yep, we had wetsuit last night It was an awesome night - I think my mates are now Muse converts after that as well Sorry for lack of pictures, am phone-posting... Have 250-odd to go through on camera
  10. Cheers lovelies It's taking a bit of time to get my head around, and have had to make some drastic changes to work and travel plans this week as will now be going to a funeral up country on Friday, but the thought of Wembley on Saturday and meeting up on Sunday is really keeping me going at the mo Cheers my lovely Will get onto that PM about plectrum earrings too, sorry for not getting back to you sooner I can't even begin to describe the noise I made on seeing that picture And I stand corrected - there does appear to be some sort of backside in existence I'm looking forward to it too
  11. Very belated catch-ups, had some rather bad family news this week that's kept me away from things... You could combine them into Can I bang that? Completely - nice one Di! Welcome aboard - explosions are quite common in here regardless of age WIN! DOUBLE WIN!
  12. Awww *claims the lonely baggage from the carousel* Awww, just be yourself and it'll all be fine Cross country ugh For some reason they stopped the girls doing it at our school, only the boys went out and ran miles around the local countryside, while we got stuck running around the track. Or in my case, faked having a flute lesson halfway through PE to get out of it My work here is done That Twitpic face - someone needs love. And a damn good sleep too by the looks of things And yep, faff is a real word I love the planning that's gone into this - pure dedication Frankie And yes, the legs. I think we all thought of you as soon as we saw that pic
  13. Awww, it's a chance to start over again (compulsory Exo quote ). I'm sure you'll fit in and make new friends in no time PE does kinda suck though, I agree with you there - although I quite liked ball games and racquet games - I really did put the 'bad' back into badminton Running was a big though Awww, hopefully mine will arrive tomorrow. Flipping living at the very end of the country - because it really takes a whole extra day to travel the 2 hours from Plymouth to here Ut oh, what did I say Oh yeah I remember now You can't really miss it on that kinda scale and from the angle where it's leaning against my wall Hope all are well this evening
  14. Hiya lovelies Quick catch up - lots of pages to go over It's not normally too bad over here in September - it's usually the case that we get a nice Indian summer just as all the kids start back to school Layering clothes is definitely the way forward though, and a good waterproof coat won't go amiss just in case Fingers crossed me dear I've had a look at a couple of long range forecasts - all they can really give me is "cloudy" and about 19 degrees at the mo, which is I think is hedging their bets to be honest Fingers crossed again (hang on, it's getting tricky to type now )
  15. It's on Microcuts, stashed right away on the second to last page of Official Resistance-era pics. I don't know why that nugget of information has stayed in my brain, I dread to think of the potentially useful stuff it could be keeping out And yes, it's one of the meltdown pics in here
  16. Good point I can't just ditch the body over the neighbour's hedge like I did with the dead blackbird last week though, and he's not compost-able so can't go in the compost bin. *needs more thought* Ah, it'll all come out in the wash, as my mate's gran used to say
  17. Way to go Frankie That sounds great The Wang-Biscuits, sorry Glitterati Cookies were very cool though I'm ok cheers hun, just a bit "meh" at the mo and can't really be arsed with anything. Housemate being a bit problematique too May vent down the docks at some point or may just snap out of it Or kill him and bury the body under my strawberry plants Wembers and San Diego - niiiiiice. Glad you're having the time of your life - it sounds really
  18. Return of the Wang-Biscuits They were awesome though Welcome aboard Niiiiiice picspam Sunsmile *faints* Hey Frankie! Hope you're having a great time and for the redheadedness Hope all are well. I'm a little distracted at the mo apologies for not being the most sociable creature going
  19. You should have seen his face when he attempted sitting cross-legged to try it out - it spoke more than words ever could... It's hugely uncomfortable apparently. At least for my housemate it was - he even tried to sit like it in front of me in the name of thorough research, which was very funny, but looked rather painful judging by the face he made in the process. Balls of steel must be the answer Spoken like a true PDTer already Night lovelies
  20. Waxing ouch! Rather you than me, think I'll stick to shaving for now Well, my housemate is rather that way inclined as well, so I reckon his answer if I ask him about the sitting will probably be something along those lines as well :LOL: I should really dressed and go to the shop, I have very little food downstairs I don't want to resort to eating creatures from the garden like Dom is after all ^
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