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  1. A lot of people sitting us were well dressed so they could go to the nice bars after the gig. I got that impression when leaving the arena too. You can't really blame people for wanting a full night out
  2. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. At least Block F is on the plan haha Can't wait!
  4. I've got short brown hair but will be wearing a red jacket (this sounds like a blind date haha)
  5. Has anybody found out for sure where Block D is? The Ticketmaster Seating Plan has Blocks B & F to the left of the 360 stage as we look at the plan. The Ticket Factory Plan has an end stage with Blocks A-F in the standing areas... But I noticed on the previous page, that plan has Blocks D & F where it is B & F on Ticketmaster haha.
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