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  1. Does anyone have any ideas as to when the tickets will be on sale?
  2. Hi guys For ages now I’ve been hoping that the muse messenger bag will come back into the store on here. It’s been out of stock for ages. It’s now disappeared completely. Does anyone know where I can get one? Thank you Tez
  3. Hi guys Myself and my partner are coming tomorrow. Really looking forward to it Just one question, what sort of time is best to get there to queue up? We are in the standing area and id like to be at the front Cheers! Tez x
  4. I got tickets for UK so now selling my 2 standing tickets for Brussels if anyone is interested
  5. Finally I've got tickets! I went in after 10, hardly any wait at all in the queue and got standing tickets straight away. Was more luck then I had with the UK ones. Bit peed off that instead of just getting ticket, we now need flights and accommodation but atleast I'm seeing them and will be nice to go to Belgium. Hope u were successful I can now relax! Tez
  6. Had no luck with UK sale so tried for this one. Nice break away in Amsterdam. Was in queue for half an hour. No tickets available and showing ticket touts sites!! I'm getting sick of it. Once I get back from my holiday (spent a fortune on roaming bundles on my phone trying to get tickets!!!) I'm complaining to watchdog and to others about these ticket tout nonsense. It's disgusting cos fans like me are missing out on tickets and will NOT pay over double the price for a ticket. Absolutely disgusted angry and upset!!!!!!
  7. I am absolutely disgusted with the way the tickets have been sold straight away in presale and general sale today to endless ticket touts. I along with alot of other massive muse fans have been left disappointed. The tickets are now being sold for stupid money on various sites and it's just not on!! This has to stop
  8. Cant get in, keeps saying no tickets. so pissed off
  9. Has anyone got any spare tickets for tonight or know of any? I really want to go and its my birthday Couldnt get hold of any before when they were released and i refuse to buy from these sold out sites or from ebay as never know if they are genuine. Can anyone help? Tez
  10. I missed out when these tickets were first released and today was bit disappointed to find only seated when I'd like standing ticket.it's my birthday on 27th Oct and wanted to go feel like crying
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