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  1. Noops

    Muse in Hungry

    you'll get an email with the tickets attached, assuming you opt for print your own?
  2. still GA tickets available for Madrid, using the Spanish ticketmaster site https://www.ticketmaster.es/artist/muse-entradas/26326
  3. In front of the sound desk usually the best spot
  4. Noops

    Muse in Hungry

    hi, i used that site for my tickets, it's fine.
  5. I get the same white screen, works fin though when i open it in private browsing. very strange..
  6. still the same when i hit the tickets tab? yeah i seen it changed, the site won't open on Chrome for me unless i go private browsing
  7. The tickets page is giving a 404 message when i go on it, I know they're not on sale until tomorrow but I hope it's okay by then? Doesn't happen with any of the other dates i looked at
  8. Noops

    Groupie Tour for Europe

    Went there for the 2nd Law tour, brilliant city and nice venue for the gig
  9. Noops

    Groupie Tour for Europe

    Budapest and Madrid for me I think, might go for Riga too
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