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  1. I have a spare VIP standing ticket, anyone looking for another ticket for a friend? It was £195 inc fees (I know I’m a mug) but it’s yours for £130. It’s for sat 14th. You get the lunch box and poster included (whoop whoop!) and dedicated entrance to jump the queue. DM me if interested.
  2. I bought two tickets and partner no longer able to make it. Was almost £200 but will sell for £130. DM me if interested. The ticket is the cheaper of the two VIP and is standing.
  3. I have not received a code yet and did for Bristol and the others. I have a code for the Muse 1pm site presale, try going to the members section of their site and logging in.
  4. Has anyone received their email from CID Entertainment about what we do on the day for Premium Experience? I have the lower tier so just need to know times and location of check in.
  5. Which song is it during? by b-stage do you mean the end of the walkway?
  6. It’s worth pointing out that for those of us in the UK, if you paid on a credit card you may be able to use section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. It makes the credit card company jointly responsible for resolving breach of contract. There are some exceptions and It may be that because we had to buy through Ticket Master and not CID it may not apply. Of course it may all be resolved by then and UK dates may have early access honoured. Important to note though that they only say early access before doors so evidence you would need is entry not being allowed before advertised doors time I imagine.
  7. Thanks, good to have an idea, I have 2nd tier which I only bought for the early access but with all the controversy of early access not being honoured I’m trying to understand how much it matters. In my mind if the vip queue is only around that many then you should be able to get a good spot even if entering at the same time as GA. for me, I’m going to Bristol and the plans imply a golden circle presumably based on first come first served (like I experienced at Foos London Stadium). If this is the case it feels like it should not be a problem if they continue to not honour early access. It’s still not acceptable though as they are sellling something they are not giving. Although reading the tweets from CID it sounds to me like they are counting on not breaking contract as long as they let you in even seconds before advertised doors time. They are using the same language and insisting they are letting in before doors time. There’s nothing stopping GA being let in a min or two early as technically CID aren’t saying you get in before GA (just before advertised doors time). last question, do you get the poster/lunch box before entry and therefore able to take it back to your car to store? Or are you stuck with it inside?
  8. Do you have an idea of how many 2nd tier there were? To give an idea of how many of these tickets they are selling.
  9. Could anyone give an idea of how many VIP people there were in the queues? Each tier if they were clearly separate? With the chaos of early entry I am wondering how important it is to get a good spot in the VIP queue. I originally thought it wouldn’t matter too much. But the only reason I forked out for the ridiculously expensive tickets was for early access. They know this, if they didn’t then they are saying a poster and lunch box is worth more than a gig to see them. Anyone heard of VIP ticket holders not getting into the golden circle as it is full? I haven’t yet, don’t misinterpret that, I don’t want to start that rumour! ive read a lot of people saying VIP tickets shouldn’t exist and the people buying them are the problem. I absolutely agree that it is a money grabbing move by the industry and I was disgusted at the price and don’t agree with it. However, unlike a lot of the current generation I don’t spend money on tv packages and expensive phones/contracts, Prime etc. So I don’t consider myself to be one of the “rich” people a referring to that buy the VIP tickets, genuine fans buy them too.
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