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  1. Just an update. Complained about my crap seats to ticketmaster who forwarded it to SJM, the promoters, and they offered me free tickets for any of the O2 gigs, which was very decent of them (although the tickets should never have been crap in the first place). So, after a 4.5 hr drive straight from work, and a run from the carpark to the entrance, I arrived at my seat just as they were coming on stage. Not so good for my friends who couldn't make it for this one, but such an awesome show and such a different experience from better seats. Exactly the same setlist as Brum except Feeling Good replaced Citizen, which was a shame, but otherwise incredible and a great crowd this time.
  2. Now that is what I call a view. Thanks for posting that. I loved the way his piano just sank into the stage at the end. That song was the highlight for me together with the freaking awesome Globalist.
  3. I was in row K towards the back thankfully. Those in the first three or four rows had an awful view. There is no way these should have been full price tickets. I reckon they put them in the pre-sale to make sure they were not left unsold at the end. There should be some way of viewing your seats before committing to buy. I chose "best available" and this was 5 mins after pre-sale opened. I have complained to Ticketmaster so we'll see what happens there. Probably nothing. As to the lame crowd comments, I have to agree. The reason I think was the age of the crowd. I am a young 52 and I was trying to be as enthusiastic as I could, but walking around before hand, It was clear that the majority of people there were probably 30+ and I was certainly not the oldest. When a band starts off in 1994 with a teenage fanbase, 22 years later those fans are coming up to 40 and probably in need of a sit down.
  4. Hate to put a dampener on this thread. Can't complain about the show, amazing as usual, but having bought the most expensive presale tickets on first day of sale, Block F sucked, big time. That hammerhead end blocked the view of the central stage and was rarely used apart from the piano bits. Drop down video screens were not fully visible and there was a gaping space devoid of all fans between us and the stage. Have seen every tour since 2003 and for me, that was the worst view ever. Have wanted them to play in the round for ages and I guess if you were on the side it would have been awesome, but unfortunately, there are still bad seats.
  5. For me, this is the best song on the album. On my first listen, when that countdown started and the whole thing kicked of in such a brilliant way, I had tears in my eyes, similar to the tears that the ending of Citizen Erased often brings, in fact it happened on the second listening also. I'm a bloke. That doesn't happen very often, so, bonus. On the downside, the ending does sound like it should be a separate track, I wish the riffage lasted longer (as it is awesome) and overall it reminds me rather too much of Bohemian Rhapsody (fortunately though, that is also awesome). I would agree that given Matt's obvious talent it would be nice for some more original composition rather than ripping off Morricone and Elgar, but overall I am very happy with this song. Not perfect, 8/10, but quite satisfying.
  6. I just spent 15 mins writing a review only to be logged out and lose it all. I can't be arsed to do that again, so I'll cut to the chase - 6/10, possibly 7. Good, but not great. Drill Sergeant, JFK and Drones ruin the overall listening experience. Love the Handler and The Globalist - very Bohemian Rhapsody like to me. Over use of the word Drones, too Queen like still. Very much like the Resistance in theme and sound. A lot better than the awful T2L though, so a step in the right direction, but could be better. Funny how NME rated Revolt as the best track on the album. What were they smoking?
  7. joffoir


    The download through decent earphones sounds so much better than the radio (as you'd expect). Having just listened to all three releases in order, I'm feeling pretty excited about Drones now. Every song is better than anything on T2L anyway.
  8. joffoir


    I've had a link already. Not so sure about the song - weakest of the three releases so far I feel. Little bit radio friendly; Guiding light/Neutron star style feel about it.
  9. I remember listening to Super massive black hole (on a Welsh beach as it happens, not that that is at all relevant) when it was first released thinking Oh No, Muse have become the Scissor Sisters, and now it's a classic. I recently had a personal "Muse-athon ", (just listening to every album back to back basically) and when I arrived at T2L, I just couldn't face it. I loathe that album (bar one or two songs). After that, the only way is up really and so far, I am liking the two new songs a lot and have played them far too many times. Have faith folks, I have a feeling that Drones will be awesome.
  10. I would like a double album with one half made up of symphony type prog rock along the Exogenesis/Close to the Edge route and the other made up of hard riffing heavy rock. I can dream.
  11. Well I have just returned. The good - it is a first class film, beautifully shot with some nice black and white sections which are maybe a tad long but which contrast nicely with the colour. Not my favourite songs, (not a T2L fan) but an excellent snapshot of Muse in 2013. The bad - It needed to be on a screen about twice the size of the one I saw it on. The sound needed to be at least twice as loud. The neutral - the cinema was at least half empty which surprised me (maybe not well advertised) and the average age of the audience was probably about 36 which was also a bit of a surprise (although I am well over 36!) But overall a worthwhile experience.
  12. As long as there are people paying to see them and as long as they love touring, then bring it on. Muse have provided me with some unforgettable nights and I would not want to see them go into the Cure style of touring - i.e a couple of monster gigs or festival gigs in a few major cities every few years. They make themselves accessible to as many fans as possible and as one of the best live bands on the planet that is great for all fans. (Also, touring = $$$) As far as their output goes on the other hand, it does seem that lately they write just enough to get by on. From both of the last 2 albums as far as I am aware there were no surplus tracks. There is always something nice about having a few awesome b-sides floating around which just make an occasional rare live appearance - that was a feature of their early years that I would like to see again. Personally I liked TR but I can't stand T2L. I mean I can't even listen to it all of the way through without getting bored and angry at the direction they have taken. However, I have a strong feeling (call it wishful thinking) that the next album will be a mighty colossus of awesome riffage and spine tingling stupendousness.
  13. I listen to supremacy and then skip to the last two tracks. Worst album by a long way for me. Even live, it just wasn't up to the usual standard IMO, but each to his own.
  14. I made the effort to listen to The Joy Formidable once I knew they were supporting so I enjoyed their set and kudos to any support band who trash their gear at the end, but even knowing most of the tracks, they were a bit samey, every song going for the "wall of noise" feel. They were clearly pissed at the lack of enthusiasm from the crowd, the bass player pointedly yawning at one point, but they should be grateful for the opportunity to play such a big venue/crowd and support such an awesome band. In response to Carrie B, I think in the past, apart from U2, Muse have supported Feeder, Depeche Mode, (Gene maybe a long time ago?) and the Chilli Peppers, plus others probably. Just checked Musewiki out of interest - they have also supported Skunk Anansie, Bush and for one gig, Ash. Funny how things turn around.
  15. I agree, great gig and all that and yes I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, great lightshow, lasers etc and probably the best sound I've ever heard at any of their gigs but some of the new stuff just wasn't up to their usual standard (apart from Unsustainable and Supremacy which were right up there). Also, Hysteria, TIRO, SS and Newborn (which we nearly had) are all fine songs, but every gig? I guess for those who have never seen them before, (probably a large percentage of the crowd) great, but when you've seen the same songs at every gig you've been to, you begin to wonder whether you will ever see any of their other less performed classics. Hyper music, the Small Print, Showbiz, Deadstar to name just a few. The only song which should be in every gig is Knights of Cydonia - awesome every time.
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