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  1. And then I heard the new single, suddenly not so gutted.
  2. So more frustration trying to get a ticket for this including a guy wanting £90 for a spare on Facebook. Nuts to this going see Lonely the Brave in Southsea for £8.
  3. mrb14

    Psycho UK Tour

    Trust me it wasn't...
  4. Seetickets, Ticketweb or venue sites I never have a problem with its always f**ckingTicketmaster.
  5. I've got nothing better to do now...
  6. Site fell over at 9:30 for me. Been a fan 15 years and live 500m from the venue (& I've seen the support 3 times).
  7. I tried at 9:31 didn't anything...
  8. Was at the Albert Hall too, my favourite gig... Out interest what time did you get tickets?
  9. Shame they didn't put on a London gig, might give people who live on the South coast a fighting chance...
  10. Good luck to everyone tomorrow, been trying for 2.5 hours with no luck. And I actually live less then 5 mins from the Dome (and I am a member of that venue) P.S. The support are excellent.
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