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  1. As you can probably guess, I don't visit here as often as I used to! I spend waaaay too much time on facebook these days playing inane games....


    You certainly do owe me an epic Suede post, just as I probably owe you a great long tract on the wonders of shoegazing! Lovely to hear from you btw- how are you doing? xx

  2. So you succumbed to the book of teh face! What's your details so I can add you?

  3. It's been ages hasn't it? Been on facebook far more than here (you on there too?). You have a media company? Very interesting. What's the film about? Would love to do stuff like that too- I write, have finished a novel and on with a couple more but haven't got the nerve to do anything much with it all. Maybe one day.....

  4. Hey How are you? V long time no see/hear but then I'm not here as much as I used to be....


    I'm off to the Oldies thread now, you should pop by some time, always room for another (and you don't have to be an 'oldie' either. I mean, I'm not....;)).


    S x


    PS liking the new profile photo. Reminds me of whatshisname off Star Trek and no I don't mean Mr Spock obv!

  5. Allreet pet? Any idea if you're able to make it doon the toon next weekend? Hope so, would be mint to see you folks again. Have a good time in Manchester last weekend?

  6. Sorry it's been an age to getting round to replying! A massive 40 year DW catch up:eek: avoid the Colin Baker and McCoy stuff- it's just cringeworthy.


    I'm fine thanks anyway, just really busy; work ,college, Christmas stuff etc etc. How are you?

  7. Ace birthday cards!

  8. The old Doctors were a bit of a mixed bag; some were great (Pertwee, Troughton) and some were hopeless (McCoy, Colin Baker). Have heard that Steven Moffat wants an old grandfather type doctor. Not sure how that would work, but guess the only way to find out is to keep watching!

  9. Haven't been here much myself either; clearly too busy ranting, moaning and painting- come to think of it, have been doing all of those a bit too much lately. Don't know about you, but a lot of that has been about David Tennant leaving Dr Who. It's just not on is it?!

  10. Hmm, don't suppose I have been round much on the board lately have I? I'm alright, not brilliant, not crap either:p It's nice that someone's missed me though!


    How are you doing btw?

  11. Probably something citrusy- lime or orange usually go down well or nutty flavours for maximum nommage:happy:


    Favourite song at the moment? Hmm, tricky to narrow it down, but having a bit of a Dead Star thing going on. SMBH is usually THE one for me tho':)


    And yours is?

  12. Suppose I have been quite lucky seeing them that many times, was meant to see them at V too but couldn't get there in the end- bit of a wounder:(


    As for the jelly baby- got anything without licquorish instead please:p:D

  13. Hello!


    Just noticed it's you're birthday- happy birthday! Hope it's a good one;)

  14. You chose me as your first friend! Aww thanks:happy:


    And happy birthday for the other day too;)


    (Do it take it that you're a bit of a fan of Mr Tennant too?)

  15. Would have enjoyed it more if I'd have seen Muse obv. (Missed Dead Star and Space Dementia....boo hoo x infinity). Been to a lot better gigs in my time but looking back it was ok. That platform was bloody miles away too wasn't it? Might as well have stuck it in Manchester for all the use it was:rolleyes:


    Indoor venues are waaaay better for that kind of thing- was about 10 feet from Tom Kirk and 15 from Dom at one point when I saw them in Copenhagen:happy:


    So how come they lost your scooter anyway?

  16. I did and got well confused- (being called Sam as well:LOL:).


    It was a shambles really wasn't it? Can't believe they lost your scooter! (Actually, I can well believe it, sadly). Had I known how crappily organised it was I wouldn't have thought of going (and ended up paying for 2 tickets as they rule about helpers going free passed me by too). Met another couple (non Musers) who also had really frustrating shitty time with the stewards too.


    A real shame; I went to V 11 years ago when it was still in Leeds and it was really well organised and well laid out (the weather, had it been rubbish) wouldn't have totally spoilt things either).


    Just yet another example of stuff being 'done' for disabled people by people who've never actually met anyone disabled...


    All that aside, did you enjoy V anyway?:LOL:

  17. Wasn't mine, though thanks for the reminder; Though we did initially forget the brolly! Went off just for the loo, saw how bad the mud was and thought we'd try and make our way closer to the car, only to find it took over an hour to get about halfway up a field cos of the mud.


    Dunno if you found this, but the stewards weren't all that helpful, it was all a bit 'Err, we'll ask someone else cos they might know how to get out/who can help etc etc':rolleyes: which got a bit frustrating...


    Anyway, never managed to make it on Sunday cos of the mud. Hubby's back probably would have given out with trying to get through- just tackling the car park was quite enough:(:LOL: Bit of a wounder as obv didn't get to see Muse, but have seen them a fair few times on this tour so mustn't grumble. Major respect to you for getting there on Sunday and is it right you got stuck for 5 hours getting out?:eek: I can well believe that-must have been grim- at least you got to see them live though at last eh?:happy:


    If I get my grumpy head on over the next few days I may write to the V organising peeps and make a few suggestions (politely!:D) about how they could improve the whole thing for next time around for those of us who stuggle with quagmires and walking a hundred miles to get anywhere...


    Anyhoo- v cool to meet you at last in the flesh!:D;)

  18. Hello you! Saw that you were on the same time as me and that as yet you've not broken your visitor message duck either so thought I'd pop by and say hello.


    Long time no hear, how's tricks hun?

  19. It's a boardie thing isn't it?:LOL:


    Yup, going to Staffordshire this time though to get rained on loads lol.


    Not that excited yet, but it'll surely come:happy:


    How excited are you now?:D Camping or have you got day tickets?

  20. Aye, that was me! Waving like a loon because as you say, I recognised you from your old av photo. What you must have thought!:LOL:


    How are you doing btw?:happy:

  21. What kind of criteria did you use to determine which house you'd be in? Gathered I'd be Hufflepuff cos I'm soft, not especially brave and like a nice easy life. Hufflepuff never win anything or do anything whatsoever in the books and I can relate to that underacheiving thing!


    Gryffindor- you need to have some kind of attitude and bravery, Sylytherin= utter bastards and Ravenclaws were the more academic, clever, arch types, smartarses in a word:LOL:. Correspond at all with your sorting hat style rules?:D


    The whole conversation started at work cos there's a few people there who would most definitely have been in Slytherin....

  22. Hello there, long time no reply, I know! Looking forward to that Suede review, whenever it happens. Haven't listened to them in a while really, shame on me. Been having a bit of a Bowie phase. If you haven't heard it, then you should as you'd like it as it's great in a 'Suede nicked a lot from it' style- The Man Who Sold the World. Amazing album!;)

  23. Noticed you have a harry potter type group thingy on the go- it just made me think- have you ever done that thing with your mates when you decide what house you'd have been in if you were at Hogwarts? I'd be in Hufflepuff, there's no doubt about that:$

  24. Happy Birthday missis! Hope it's a good one.:party:


    Dunno why, but for some odd reason I thought your birthday was in May!:$

  25. Though I'd do one of them there friends request thingies- do enjoy the Bowie conversations lots:happy:


    Nice to meet someone who knows even more than I do about him (besides my brother that is...) you truly are the expert on the one they call the Dame:LOL:

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