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  1. It never actually makes sense, so I always pull something out my arse.

  2. Sounds really good, maybe I'll use it. Probably not.

    I love theory, to be honest. It's way easier to learn something by heart, if you know the meaning of it of course, than to learn how to do something with your own hands.

  3. I am poor. It's expensive.

    Well, nevermind then. I'll try being Dr. Lazebnikova for a little while.

    So how is photography coming along?

  4. Silly bitch, I just need your surname. :p

  5. This is very nice! So you're not getting married to me?

  6. Stethoscope.

    Oh really, is that so? Well, come on, it doesn't matter at which point you know what you want, it only matters if you do. And now that you do, you can go for it.

    And how's your love life? (Yes, I know)

  7. Well, I am heart-brokenly missing you.

    Placement no. 3 (aka final one) is going rather well. I'm working at my GP's office. He treats me very well, even gave me a stethoscope and told me to keep it, even without me licking it. I think it was a real gift. He says I've got talent for medical diagnosis. Awesome, isn't it? I don't even quite want to be a doctor, but he makes me want to at least a bit. Tosser. But soo niiice.

    How is your work?

  8. Jesus fuck of all twats in Jewish heaven of Jerusalem inhabited with sluts,




    I miss you.

  9. Naw, factory work isn't bad at all. I've never done it, so I can't really judge, but it does sound brilliant. If I happen to do automatic work, I invent new dance moves out of it and sing along to it. "Turn the pancake. uh uh. Turn the pancake, uh uh." So I wouldn't be a brilliant factory worker.

    Now you're just glorifying mah work. I don't think I'm going to study medicine any more. A friend of mine from Paris that always used to be my idol, sort of, failed an exam and flunked out of medicine. Now she's in biotech, which I absolutely don't imagine myself in. Scientist? Me? Nuuuh.

    So I'm looking for a good undertaker apprenticeship. It's what I really enjoy doing and this profession will literally never die out. At the bright side, men in suits for the rest of my life!

  10. Factory worker? Sexy. What do you do there?

    Oh, as a matter of fact, I am kind of interning. What's the actual verb for unpaid work? Getting fucked up your arse? Bah, internshipping? Being an intern? Bollocks.

    I got a placement at a funeral home for another week, then I'll be an intern at my GP's office. With actual scrubs and what not. Don't ask me why I do this, I am just bored and desperate for any activity. And I get to wear black and talk to corpses. Fun-seeking workaholic is the right diagnosis, I suppose.

  11. Oh, I kind of work, too. But I start at eight and have to travel for an hour to get there. And it's also very physically challenging work I do. What do you actually do?

  12. Don't I just?

    Oh, now that I have got internet again, it is going remarkably well. I've missed this place and Facebook. And the weird way dinosaurs seek revenge.

    What about you? Everything's fine?

  13. Holy moly virgin Mary of cuntholes.

  14. Your next order shall be 19, a big 42 without onions and a medium diet coke.

  15. And I want your soul.



    Ain't gonna happen.

  16. Who dared using the derogative term of an average male dick referring to you?!

    Such impertinence?

    You are in no way an actual "dick". I believe, there is a definition on the Urban Dictionary that defines the word "dick" as a short form for Richard.

    To be honest, I find that song very dinosaur-friendly. As dinosaur-friendly as you can be when they call you a dick, that is.

  17. Indeed, I have just noticed, my mistake, dearest friend.

    So how is life among the dinosaurs?

    À propos les dinos:



    I vote for this to be our new anthem.

  18. xD I was being overly poetic.

    Everything's fine. I'm actually making an effort in school now. But luckily, I am so incredibly intelligent, there's not much I have to do. (I'm very modest, too)

    Planning summer vacation, too. Since I can go anywhere except for the UK, apparently. Yay.

    What about you? How're the masters coming along?



  19. Tetas. Muchas tetas. Leo tiene muchas tetas.

  20. Valérie,

    je t'embrace, ma chèrie.

  21. Nice sex face.

  22. David Tennant sleeps in my bed :O

  23. Keeping it real?

  24. Holy Son of The Ancient Virgin Godbanger, my rambling is still your signature!

    That's how you buy immortality, bitch.

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