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    Oslo Spectrum, October 23th 07
  1. When someone throws something on Matt, and he smiles and is a little bit shocked! In the end of Plug in baby. He's fantastic:) Besides, everything really. Pwoper DVD.
  2. I think I have to say Blackout, allthought Starlight is THE song. Everyone that knows me says that every time they hear Starlight, they think of me.
  3. Wow, that is so cool =D Never met someone from Bergen here before I don't know, check my myspace, maybe we've seen eachother before? Oh God, don't even say it! We felt so terrible after that. But I was so close to the scene as you can get(first row), so it was a little bit comfort. Sometimes he was just a meter from me during the concert!
  4. Well, I almost met them once. It was after the gig in Oslo Spectrum, Norway in October. Our hotel was located right behind the arena, and we went back there after the gig. Then we saw a big bus on our way (their bus) and a few people outside. We stood there for like 15 minutes or so, and wondered whether Muse was inside the bus or not. We guessed not, and went back to the hotel. 30 minutes later, we went to 7eleven to buy some snacks, and then all the people was gone, except a policeman. We asked about Muse, and he said "Well. If you were here 10 minutes ago, you would have met them." We asked if we PLEASE could just meet them for a second or two, but he said no. Unfortunlately. Stupid us. I can't belive we left the place 20 minutes before they came out of the bus!!!
  5. Wow. 1 . Starlight. - > I will love this song forever. 2 . Map of the Problematique 3 . Bliss 4 . Plug In Baby 5 . Time Is Running Out 6 . Supermassive Black Hole 7 . Citizen Erased 8 . Blackout 9 . Hyper Chondriac Music 10. Sunburn
  6. Yes, yes, and, YES. Besides that, he is a very talented man. He is smart, clever, has a fantastic voice, makes awesome music. The whole man is just. Sexiness! You have all heard the intro to Time is running out, right? I listened to that song with one of my best friends. Suddenly, out of nowwhere, she was like: "Oh my god, you can HEAR the sexiness when he sings" Well. I agree.
  7. Woo I loved this thread! Me and my friend will hang around afte the show and try to meet Matt, or Muse when they are in Norway Could need some inspiration of what to say, and than this thread came! Loved this one; "Can I -please- let my finger run through your hair?" Haha! Think I have to say something like that too!
  8. I think I've said Map of the Problematique (the lyric!) and Hyper Chondriac Music before, and that's still true, but I have to add Blackout and Con-Science. I heard Con-Science for the first time today, and that's really one of the sadest Musesongs I've ever heard.
  9. my favorites! I'd say Knights of Cydonia, New Born, Butterflies & Hurricanes and Microcuts. I just don't understand why people love these songs. Yes, they are cool, but not the best or coolest!
  10. Top 10, iTunes: Starlight, 763 Map of The Problematique - 605 Supermassive Black Hole - 396 Time Is Running Out - 384 Bliss - 345 Sunburn - 328 Plug In Baby - 320 Feeling Good - 320 Uninteded - 265
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