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  1. Hiya:D:D

    Hows things?

    You going to o2 Dublin? Got me tickets today xDxDxD pre-sale woop woop! Marley Park all over again lol....hope you some too:(:(

    Talk sooon

    Neeve xx

  2. hello chick *waves* hows you keeping?:D

    Hope your having fun at work. Back to skool on monday yuck! chilling n eatin my remains of chocolate before all the study :'( lol

    Can't wait for the new album...NEED IT NOW!!

    Take care girl!

    Neeve xx

  3. hey long time no talk :) dnt really be on this much anymore ... whats ur movie about stupid youtube !!! :D

    I've just been workin tons and i'm really into Twilight at the mo ive catch the twilight bug lol xx

  4. Hey I hope you haven't miissed me lol? I have been busy making a film for my media company and trying to put it on You Tube but it won't let me! :( What you been upto? xx

  5. Hallo there you, pop by now and again for a chat :D

  6. Good thanks just a bit rushed with all the sudden work lol! Need a nice long break really! Have you heard much about the new Muse album and the supposed release?? I'll do some more digging and get back to you :p xx

  7. hey soory havnt been on in while im good thanks hows u??? x

  8. Hey again hows things in your life?? Any changes for 2009? xx

  9. I want to wish you a merry Christmas and hope you have a wicked time!!! xx

  10. just popping in to say MERRY CHRISTMAS

    :kiss: mouse

  11. Hello!Hows things?:D

    Im good thanks:) any news?

  12. I'm alright ta. Having a very lazy day cause I was rather drunk last night :D

    You had a good weekend? x

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