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  1. Showbiz: Filip OoS: Plug In Baby Hullaballoo: Dead Star Absolution: The Small Print BH&R: Map of the Problematique B-Side: Fury Epic
  2. Since February (when I had to reboot my dumbass computer): Endlessly - 47 Map of the Problematique - 40 Hoodoo - 39
  3. I'm not sure exactly why people don't like it so. It's an entertaining vid - it's got to be for a song that length and style. People aren't going to sit and watch a vid for that long unless it's got some sort of entertainment value. The song itself may not be an entire parody, and I can see that the vid may make it seem that way, but at the end of the day it's still a great song and at least those who are actual Muse fans know that, and surely that's what matters?
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