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  1. Oh hello there! :eek:. How are you? Long time no talk! Cannot believe it's been TWO YEARS! :stunned:.

  2. Hey - sorry! I left the forum for a while, but now I'm back :).

    How are you? Long time no speak!

  3. Cheers for b'day wishes, hun :kiss:.

  4. Hello,

    I'm going to have a winter break in a week - two weeks of doing nothing. Today I was just chilling with my good old friend Dominic Howard - god, this guys voice is really relaxing me :stunned:. Weird :noey:.

    So how are you? :).

  5. Hello :happy:. I'm fine cheers :). A week to school and I'm free for two weeks :cool:. Gotta love Polish winter break <3.

    So how are you? :).

  6. Argh, again lateness :indiff:.


    I'm okay. I'm just pretty busy, but hey - it's the last week before a winter break for me :). So I'm going to have 2 free weeks away from school :cool;.

    My mum is looking now for a job...as an old lady she took care of died last week - it's really sad :(. so now she must look all over again. I hope she'll find something cool.


    But anyway, I've had a wonderful chill out with Dominic today :LOL:. Love days like these :happy:.

    So how are you? :).


    Have a wonderful week :).




  7. Merry CHRIStmas to you too :kiss:. and Happy New Year :kiss:.

  8. *huggles*.


    Merry CHRIStmas and Happy New Year hun :kiss:.

  9. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year :kiss:.

  10. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year :kiss:.


    Sorry that I didn't write back...was too busy, to be honest...


    How are you? :happy:.

  11. Wembley *sighs*. We so should go there! A month ago (+ a day) we were having fun out there, staring at Moose at their best! Gosh, wish it could repeat :(. I even felt weird about changing ym contacts - I saw Muse in them :LOL:. (I feel silly to throw them out too :facepalm:.)

    Yep, I did :). I didn't have too much money so I just saw things as usual: London Eye, London Bridge, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and a House of the granny (known as Buckingham Palace). I didn't meet anyone new, but I saw there a friend of mine while waiting to get in at "gate F/G". He went like: "do I know you?" when he saw me :LOL:. Amusing :chuckle:. + I was there with 3 friends of mine and my mother :).


    Drums failed, but the cheapest Manson at the store didn't :awesome:. As it's like 100pounds cheaper than a drumkit, my mum thought it'll make more sense to buy it - as it's a good quality guitar and the drums would be...well...cheap (drums for 900pounds are NOT good, as I found out :stunned:.). As I'm going to get it, uhm,around March/May you'll have to wait for it really :chuckle:. I also found "Plug In Baby video" guitar (it's even called that way in a description in a music shop :wtf:.), but people said it's not the best one :shifty:. No wonder why Matt only used it for the video then...


    I'm looking for a studio flat somewhere around London or Devon...it all depends on where I will find a job for myself :). I really hope I'm going to choose the right place :shifty:.


    Heh, diploma...*hugs*. That's okay, I guess everybody's busy at the moment - we've got no freetime :rolleyes:.

  12. Hello there :happy:.


    I'm fine, thanks :). Just got a lot of work at school - I'm a busy person these days. I miss Wembley so badly :(. Wish I could be there again, one more time - or even, all the time. I'd not mind spending my time in Dom's suitcase too :p.

    As school started I got loads of work and...accidents...like today I slipped in my bathroom, luckily enough I didn't break anything (but my arse hurts anyway :facepalm:.).

    With happy things: I'm trying to learn NewBorn after a long guitar break :rolleyes:. Good news is that I still remember Popcorn and Supermassive Black Hole - yay :awesome:. I'm focusing on my guitar and soon I might start guitar classes to finally understand exactly what tabs say instead of reading 70% of it and then doing the reast by the ear :LOL:. Also drums idea failed...but my mum said that instead of a drumkit she's going to get me a Manson guitar in March/May next year, so I'm pretty happy about it :happy:. I've checked prices of studio flats in England - I found really nice, cheap stuff there :). Need to look for job around April 2011 tho :shifty:.


    And how are you? :happy:.

  13. I guess you're the only one happy about it :kiss:. Thanks :happy:.


    How have you been, hun?

  14. Me and Dom :eyebrows:. you shall have godchildren in 9 months :awesome:.


    Srsly?! :facepalm:.

  15. Muse were AMAZINGl, organisation part was...HORRIBLE :facepalm:. People were dying at barriers and security didn't even care - I fainted right before Muse and I was more at the back, but my friend throw my teddy bear at the stage and Dom's got it :D. So I'm really happy about it :happy:.

    I can't wait for Wembley now :party:.

    How's you? :).

  16. Gum with Cristiano's face? Ewww, how disgusting is that? :stunned:.

    We've finished editing scrapbook today :awesome:.


    Ok, gtg now :shifty:. Need to conspiracy against the world, mwajajajajajaj *spanish laugh is spanish*




  17. Awww, Casillas reminded you of me :happy:...wait :wtf:. That's just wrong :noey:. Some Barbudo person reminded you of me :phu:.


    Nahh, it's okay :p. and it's awesome that you've made photos of these - it looks so F-A-B :awesome:. but srsly? Cristiano Ronaldo next to MY PURE GOLD IKEW? :phu:. What a crime :noey:.


    Hope you're having fun there :).


    Also I forgot to tell you - everyone love ur scrapbook drawing :D. My mum said that you're really talented and my friend said that it's really, seriously, epiclly amazing :yesey:.


    So yep - have fun in china, you chinese person that doesn't speak Chinese :p. Have fun with Tom Kirk :eyebrows:.





  18. Well - Tom's work is the same thing that you want :eyebrows:. How cute is that? :happy:.

    Well, for me it's soft - I cook it at 350v and I put it in for 5 minutes, and it's still nice and soft :D.

    You'll be back? :dance:.

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