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  1. Bought myself a cheap lower tier ticket for this on StubHub last night, saved £20 on the face value!
  2. Showbiz Sunburn x 4 Falling Down x 1 Cave x 2 Showbiz x 1 Unintended x 3 Origin Of Symmetry New Born x 9 Bliss x 5 Space Dementia x 1 Hyper Music x 2 Plug In Baby x 12 Citizen Erased x 5 Micro Cuts x 2 Screenager x 1 Darkshines x 1 Feeling Good x 8 Megalomania x 1 Absolution Time Is Running Out x 13 Stockholm Syndrome x 9 Hysteria x 10 Blackout x 3 Butterflies & Hurricanes x 5 Ruled by Secrecy x 1 Black Holes & Revelations Take a Bow x 4 Starlight x 13 Supermassive Black Hole x 13 Map of the Problematique x 7 Soldier's Poem x 1 Invincible x 2 City of Delusion x 2 Hoodoo x 2 Knights of Cydonia x 13 The Resistance Uprising x 11 Resistance x 8 Undisclosed Desires x 9 United States of Eurasia x 4 Guiding Light x 6 Unnatural Selection x 4 MK Ultra x 1 Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) x 3 The 2nd Law Supremacy x 5 Madness x 5 Panic Station x 4 Survival x 4 Follow Me x 5 Animals x 4 Explorers x 1 Liquid State x 4 The 2nd Law: Unsustainable x 4 The 2nd Law: Isolated System x 5 Drones Psycho x 1 Reapers x 1 Others (b-sides and jams etc.) Dead Star x 1 Fury x 1 Popcorn x 1 Nishe x 3 Dracula Mountain x 3 Host x 1 The Groove x 1 Interlude x 8 Forced In x 1 Man of Mystery x 1 Helsinki Jam x 2 MK Jam x 2 Monty Jam x 4
  3. SourEnvy

    Psycho UK Tour

    Got a Manchester ticket!
  4. Sorry about the double post, but Datarock have been confirmed as support. Got an email from Bergen Live earlier this morning, times are: Gates open: 6:00 p.m. Datarock: 7:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Muse: 8:30 p.m. to 10:40 p.m. Also a new seating/standing plan:
  5. Football pitches are all a similar size, but aren't all the same size. I imagine there might be some access issues with housing the stage at a certain end though, Brann Stadion isn't particularly big.
  6. We expecting the full stage set-up to be in Bergen? Noticed on the ticket website that the concert plan has now changed to the following, suggesting that the stage will run along one of the side stands: I imagine this may have been done to accommodate the full stage, meaning they couldn't fit it at the end of the ground.
  7. Just booked my ticket for this! Flights booked from Gatwick too, should be good!
  8. There wasn't a seating plan available when I bought my tickets yesterday with Ticketmaster, but they might make one available closer to the gig.
  9. You should be fine provided that they only use those two entrances for standing as G and J are both right at the back (assuming the stage is towards the north near entrances A/B/C):
  10. Yup, it stands for 'field pitch' which is basically standing. Assuming that they're using entrances G and J for standing ticket holders as I've been allocated entrance G.
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