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  1. Standing tickets secured for Manchester thanks to a work friend who was more on the ball than me today. Good job I can remember my card number without having it to hand. We all got called to a briefing at 10.30 as I was attempting to book so I had to hide between two colleagues, maintain eye contact with the boss all whilst booking the right tickets, putting in my card number and transferring funds to make sure it went through!! Multi tasking at its finest I reckon. Phew! See you all there :-)
  2. Thanks for the link, just sorted mine in time for pre-sale!
  3. RAH have responded to my tweet to say definitely sold out. Very gutted but have saved myself £200 today. Planning on going to two gigs next year so will be better prepared for presale next time! 😎
  4. Hugely excited to see Bristol on the list. Not my hometown anymore but the closest ‘big’ stadium to their hometown of Teignmouth and only an hours drive for me. Pretty sure it,ll be Ashton Gate as that’s where Take That are due to play in May so it’s becoming a regular gig venue for the Southwest UK. I might try and do two venues this time as I do love a big stadium 🏟
  5. I'm sure I heard that riff in Manchester or maybe it was the London 'by request' gig - anyone know what its called? Edit: Just checked my gig list and it could have been Reading....
  6. Bought tickets for Sunday as it's my 40th the same day and just couldn't believe my luck that the boys would be reasonably local on the same day as my actual birthday Husband took a little persuading as we're driving back from the Lake District the day before but I put my foot down and insisted it was too good an opportunity to miss! First gig since my tattoo was finished too!! #Gig11 #Only40Once
  7. Posted this over on the FB Muse Tattoos page a few weeks back so some of you may have seen it already. Had the word 'Muse' done some years ago along with a treble clef that was there before but decided to get it covered up by something bigger and better.....it's a mixed bag of favourite tracks and albums and whilst I love all things Muse, I couldn't possibly have included them all I decided that anyone who loved them as much as I do would know exactly what was what without me having to explain what it was all about
  8. Back from a 300+ Mile round trip to Manchester and I thought the lads were pretty Epic tonight. They always put in 110% but it was particularly good quality tonight. Loved the spheres, loved the drone, loved the stage, had great seats (spent virtually the whole gig stood with no one bothered too!), loved the atmosphere and number of people singing, clapping, etc, the set list....even if there was a bit of a lull during Revolt...never seen that one live so it was a bit different for me who's seen just about everything else over the years. Had a chuckle to myself when I thought they were going to play Survival The 'solo' with Dom and Chris was just brilliant and they got the cheer it deserved! I'd go again tomorrow but they're due a rest Those of you going to the O2 are in for a real treat of a show! This gig is definitely up there with the HAARP gig as one of my favourites!
  9. Let's hope so cos I don't plan in sitting still 6 sleeps!!
  10. Really looking forward to Saturday, this will be gig number 10 for me and I can't wait! I usually religiously go for standing but had to take what I could get here and went for seats to make sure I got something. The gig review for Birmingham is great but I'm worried that I'll be surrounded by people who have no idea what they're seeing or won't want to stand up and rock out I don't want to piss anyone off by ruining their view but I don't want to spend my whole evening sat down either.......... Just gonna have to play it by ear I reckon!
  11. Finally managed to persuade the husband as it's actually a Saturday night and lucked it with two seats in the lower tier about 10am. Wanted standing but I'd rather have a good view if it's 360. Arena looks amazing and not been to Manchester for anything other than football before - might see if there's a match on the Sunday I can get to as well! Edit: There is football but it's away to Tottenham!
  12. I heard about that when Chris mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. Radio 2 played SMBH as the movie song from Twilight and said Matt would be there this Friday for a chat. I smell gig number 10 coming on........
  13. There was a guy right in front of me most of the night with a GoPro on a stick so I daresay there will be some good footage about somewhere. Shame though because he never bounced once! Were you on a raised platform on Matts side?
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