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  1. whats that video with like the cumputers and tone is like "would you like to play a game" and that other one is like


    i remberd my password

  2. I've seen them twice, both this year. First time was as an opening act back in April, and again in August at the Patriot Center. Both times were extremely fun, but I wish that they could have done a full set in April. Still, it was great, and I can't wait until they come around here again .
  3. Micro Cuts, with almost 200 plays. I never listen to music through my computer anymore though, and even when I did it was background music that I could barely notice.
  4. I don't try to shove Muse into my friends' lives and make them listen to it, but sometimes I'll play a song and see what their reaction is. "They're emo" is a pretty popular reaction, and "They suck" is common too. The latter is their opinion, which I can respect, but Muse, emo? That I have to argue about, because it's just not true (by the modern definition). I'm convinced they hate Muse just because I like them .
  5. I've never really cared about conspiracy theories, but the ones I do know about are sort of amusing. I don't believe any of them, nor will I in the future, but it shows that his life isn't just about music. It's probably nice to firmly believe in something different, rather than what everyone else believes. Some conspiracies I just find downright stupid, though .
  6. I introduced my mom to Muse, and she's very impressed by them. When we went to see them during the MCR tour, she was amazed that Matt could play the piano well . Now whenever I don't practice she says "Don't you want to play like the guy in Muse? You should!" .
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